Info digest. May Week 1.
May 07

:man_astronaut: Greetings, commanders!

Info digest for this week.

:microscope: We released the 2.14.3 update with some technical improvements and changes. The team is continuing to work on the upcoming major updates.

:man_technologist: Onto the development news. Earlier this week we have made a small rebalancing of modules: the cost of upgrading parameters in chips from the first to the fifth levels has been decreased by three times.

:speech_balloon: Also, the penalty for defeat in the Campaign battles (Sectors) was removed, the ship is no longer required to be repaired in this case.

:speech_balloon: Some changes have been made to the free repair feature: we have accelerated the recharge rate of the free ship repair timer three times, which is available by watching advertising videos starting at level 20.

:speech_balloon: In addition to the game changes, we introduced you to our new segment The Riddles. The new entertaining category was warmly welcomed, but the first riddle appeared to be way too simple. The answer was Ritari Mk.II Knight of Light! Congratulations to all who guessed it, next time we will prepare a much more difficult riddle!

:speech_balloon: By the way, do you know that today it’s National Space Day? We gladly congratulating everyone involved.

:space_invader: So that’s all for now, Commanders! It’s been a very eventful week. We wish you all a great weekend and successful fights! If you have any questions about the game or our community, you can always send them to the group’s personal messages or the community manager. See you next week!

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