In Touch With Devs, Vol 5
July 22

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💬 In the “In touch With Devs” segment we tell about the ins and outs of Space Arena development. Within this segment, we answer your questions and give our feedback on the most interesting players’ game suggestions. We hope you find the “In Touch With Devs” interesting and useful!

If you have questions about game mechanics, you can always contact our community manager. We will pass them on to the development team and will publish the answers later!

💡 This time we have collected and answered questions about the explosion radius, some future Clans system features, and the frequency of in-game events. Also, the development team reviewed some of the players’ suggestions.

Question from Isacc88: Can you explain in detail how the Radius of explosion work? Does armor affect it? Is calculate damage per cell or per Module?

Answer: Damage from an explosion of a missile with a radius index of more than 1 is calculated per cell. One module takes damage once, even if several cells of this module have got in the blast radius. The module’s armor is deducted from the damage dealt. For example, if a missile hits the different module cells at the same time, then the cells of the second module will also suffer damage, but not fully (less than 100%), compared with the first damaged module. Thus, the armor of the second module will also take some of the damage.

Question from thehumanbullet01: Which ship of yours is the one that fights in the arena while u are offline?

Answer: None of your ship builds are being used during the offline battles. So, there is no way to somehow affect the outcome of such a battle.

Question from Acemontiero: Will being a member of a clan prevent you from fighting friendly clan members in arena/anomalies?

Answer: Yes, it would be possible to meet them, but this feature may change in the further game updates.

Question from kaihunter: How often do anomalies and grinds happen? Is it a regular pattern?

Answer: The mentioned in-game events are usually held on average 2-3 times a month.

Question from Sslava Essikov: Will a range of plasma weapons be added to the game?

Answer: We do not plan to add such weapons at the moment.

Suggestion from Dima Kus: Please make a confirmation button before you fix the ship for watching video ads.

Answer: We will consider the possibility of adding such a feature.

Suggestion from Jellyfish_tsukareta: Make all your projectiles look a different color from enemy projectiles, including laser and railgun beams and mines.

Answer: We do not plan to add such a “friend-or-foe projectiles feature” at the moment. Nevertheless, the changes in the visual aspect of the weapons’ effects of shots and explosions are being developed.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions! What topics should we cover in the next “In Touch With Devs” post? We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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