In Touch With Devs, VOL. 24, 08/10/2023
August 10

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders! The New In Touch With Devs volume is already right before your eyes! Within this segment, our development team continues to answer frequently asked questions about the Space Arena. We share the development process and upcoming plans for the game. If you have questions about game mechanics, you can always contact our community manager on our social media accounts. We will pass them on to the team and will publish the answers later.

💡 This time, HQ answered questions regarding Phantom and Iota Galaxy Coordinates as rewards in Ship Competition game mode, the possibility of increasing the level cap or global Commanders’ progresses reset, determination of Anomalies rank in case of two Commanders with the same trophies, odds in upgrading/limitbreaking system, Fusion Ray function features, shields’ radiuses, and Clan Wars tie.

Question from SA-Epicurus: Do we no longer get Phantom/Iota Galaxy Coordinates for Ship Competition mode while using Battleship class or higher? I haven’t gotten one in several days.

Answer: The chance to receive the Phantom Galaxy while playing these game modes at high possibility was a temporary thing. Currently, its drop rate is extremely lower that it was before. However, can still obtain the Iota Galaxy after winning a Class Battle with the same drop rate.

Question from SR.Mad: Viewing the roadmap in the #sneaky-peak Discord channel, I noticed the Level Pass. Since seemingly over 80% of your playerbase is already at the max level this raises a few unibrows. Do you intend to increase the levelcap, or let everyone start back at lvl 1? And if so do you intend to do a full reset of the leaderboard along with it or even a server reset/add a new server?

Answer: For now, we don’t plan to implement account resets or the ability to start the game from scratch on your own. However, you can always send a direct message to our community manager if you’ve decided to reset your account progress. We’ll help you!

Question from mikazuki: What determines Anomalies rank when there 2 people with the same point? The one who did it first get a higher rank or random or something else?

Answer: Whoever reaches the maximum trophy count first will be higher on the Anomalies leaderboard. In other words, time and your activity in Anomalies determine your success.

Question from Skill: Could you provide evidence that the odds of success that players see when upgrading/limitbreaking are correct?

Answer: You can verify the transparency of the upgrading as well as the limit-breaking system by analyzing a large sample of upgrade/limit-breaking attempts. This means recording all results of upgrading/limit-breaking attempts. This would require a significant number of attempts. Lots of them. In such a case, it will be immediately clear that the displayed probability in the game is correct, without coefficients. We would like to add that displaying a 30% chance of success doesn’t mean you will definitely improve a parameter on the third or fourth attempt. The same goes for limit-breaking stuff. The current upgrading and limit-breaking system doesn’t take into account previous unsuccessful attempts.

Question from mikazuki: How Fusion Ray works? Did the damage depend on how long it hit the module? Will it be reset to the lowest damage when it changes its target? Or the damage depends on how long it’s been shooting like the last 1 second it will deal the highest damage no matter what it hit it won’t reset?

Answer: Yes, damage depends on time. Target switching occurs only after the first target is destroyed.

Question from ehehe3195: Shield radius, red or blue?

Answer: Both of them are shield’s radius. The shield’s force field is not functioning behind the scope that is marked blue.

Question from Azamure: Probably already written. In a war, how are the teams decided in case of a tie? If both teams have obtained all 24 stars, for example.

Answer: In the case of a Clan War tie, the victory will be calculated based on the total time the clan spent on conducting attacks. Times of all attacks that are conducted on an enemy ship will be taken into account as long as the ship is not destroyed at 3/3 stars. The clan that completed its attacks faster will win. There’s no attack timer within the game. Commanders can calculate attack times themselves or contact our community manager to get the info.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions! What topics should we cover in the next “In Touch With Devs” issue? We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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