In Touch with Devs, VOL. 22, 01/24/2023
January 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 In the “In Touch With Devs” segment, our team continues to answer frequently asked questions about the Space Arena. As part of the segment, we share the development process and upcoming plans for the game. We hope that this information will be helpful to you and will come in handy in planning future battles! If you have questions about game mechanics, you can always contact our community manager. We will pass them on to the development team and will publish the answers later!

💡 This time, we collected and answered questions regarding the Fleet Arena, upgrade success rates on modules and ships, Auction Points, mines, Hull break chance mechanic, and Thrust and Turn parameters on ships.

Question from udin: how does Fleet Arena battle work? Is it 100% rng? I meet a pretty similar Fleet with my Fleet and we fight each other but the outcome was different by a lot.

Answer: Fleet Arena functions this way. The more you have ships in your fleet and the fewer ships of the opponent have left after the battle, the bigger the final reward will be. Sometimes Commanders may face some bugs when playing Fleet Arena. We will try to rework this game mode in the future.

Question from Cardinal: are there hidden decimals in upgrade percentages?

Answer: all success rates of the upgrades displayed in the game are real. Thus, it’s all about the randomness when upgrading a module or a ship.

Question from LordCobra: where can I spend my AP?

Answer: you can spend Auction Points on any available lots that contain in-game resources. It’s enough to use the $ap help command to read more info on how to use the Auction Points bot. And here you can read more about the whole AP system.

Question from Cardinal: do mines explode at empty/black cells?

Answer: mines will explode. However, the damage will spread to the nearby modules.

Question from jaimd: how does the Hull break chance work for displaying each status? NONE, Low High and CRITICAL?

Answer: the HQ has answered a similar question recently. Here’s a small brief on how the mechanic functions. There is a chance that your ship may explode. The rate of this chance depends on the number of modules destroyed on the ship during the battle. The more modules were destroyed, the higher rate of the explosion would be. Commanders may rely on the following approximate values of all statuses. If more than 50% of all modules were destroyed, the status would change from Zero to Low. When 75% of all modules were destroyed, the status would change from Low to High. Anything over 75% of all destroyed modules is the Critical status. Also, if there are no weapons or reactors on the main ship, you will lose. However, here’s an interesting fact. If the opponent does have not any weapons, but still has Point Defense Turrets, the ship won’t explode immediately. You’ll have to destroy them as well.

Question from Cardinal: how do the base engine multipliers of a ship relate to module engines or work with them?

Answer: it’s more complicated than that. The Thrust and Turn parameters values of a ship are displayed as single digits. At the same time, the same values of the parameters of engines are displayed as compound digits, and for good reason. The ships don’t have their own Mass parameter values. That’s why they have these single digits. You may consider them as coefficients. These coefficients are multiplied by the Mass value of all modules placed on a ship. That’s how the Turn and Thrust speed of a ship can be calculated (w/o values of the parameters of placed engines). The final Thrust and Turn calculation formulas are complicated, but Commanders may conduct some calculations by themselves. Sum up all the Turn and Thrust parameters values of placed engines and multiply them by the mentioned coefficients.

🤔 Commanders, thank you for your questions! What topics should we cover in the next “In Touch With Devs” issue? We will be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this segment!

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