September 04

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders! The first week of autumn has arrived. Let’s take a look at the main events that took place on the Arena and within the Commanders’ community this summer.

  • We held the long-awaited Grind Time event.

  • Also, we held Space Swap Meet event, where every Commander could exchange resources with others.

  • We released lots of updates, where module and ship parameters were reworked, among other changes.

  • A new module was announced.

  • We helped our content creator Commander [DOM]MasterTog aka Average Cent Enjoyer, in conducting a livestream with the Death Star.

  • A couple of drills and the “Wheel of Fortune” contests were held as well.

  • We answered Commanders’ questions in the 24th In Touch with Devs episode.

  • We published guides on Elegance, Galactic Coordinate slots, and the Fleet Arena.

👇 Commanders, it’s time for you to boast about your Arena achievements this summer! Feel free to visit our Discord server to share your thoughts.

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