HQ Management event starts!
September 05

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Breaking news from HQ: Provisional Superior Government was formed, and all of you were invited to join this Government! But first things first.

The HQ Supreme Commander was obliged to go on an important mission curating the intergalactic expedition just a few days ago. The decision made by the HQ Supreme Commander surprised all HQ staff. And this is a big problem indeed: we have lots of missions to complete by coordinating Commanders. But we can’t wait any longer. We need to think about an executive decision. That’s why we decided to contact the best Commanders who have experience conducting Arena battles and engineering builds for ships. You can replace the HQ Supreme Commander and operate the HQ collectively, that’s for sure!

🚀 OK, down to business. The HQ Supreme Commander will return to HQ on October 3. During this time we have to conduct four missions of various types. Each mission will start from a small brief: the type of this mission, the objective, and other info which can be handy for you.

After this stage, a public vote will start. Within this pole, we will decide which one of the Commanders will be sent to the mission. We have attached HQ case files of the five best HQ Commanders. Most information is classified, but there is something you may get acquainted with. Read all these files carefully, so you can understand, what type of mission suits best for each Commander! The success of the entire mission depends on the Commander who will be chosen during the public vote.

When the vote will be finished, the chosen Commander will go on the mission. During the mission, extraordinary situations may happen, and you have to resolve them via another public vote. Use extreme caution when voting: some of the variants of resolving the situation may seem both effective and most dangerous among all other variants. At the same time, the other variants may seem boring, but the success rate of accomplishing the mission is much higher compared to the other two variants. Plus, the chosen Commander won’t probably get injured. Well, think twice before voting!

👨‍💻 The public vote dedicated to the choice of Commander for the mission holds on each Tuesday and lasts only one day. The public vote dedicated to resolving the extraordinary situation lasts from Wednesday till Sunday evening. Each Monday the HQ will provide a report regarding the results of the mission. There are only three mission outcomes:

  1. Mission completed, all unharmed.
  2. Mission completed, Commander injured. In this case, you won’t be able to send such a Commander to the next mission. He or she needs to recover for the whole week in the HQ Hospital.
  3. Mission failed, connection with Commander lost. This means the GRRT squad will be sent right after this Commander to find him/her. Even if the GRRT squad will find the Commander, you won’t be able to send him/her on further missions.

If all missions will be completed and all Commanders will be safe and sound, each Commander who will follow the event conditions will get 30 Auction Points. And here are the event conditions:

  1. Leave a special emoji below pinned publication on our Discord server.
  2. Take part in ALL public votes.

Commanders, please note that each injured Commander is to be deducted from your final reward, 10% for each injured Commander to be exact. If three or more Commanders will be injured or we will lose connection with them, the event will be failed.

Is everything clear now? Good! We congratulate you on acceding the HQ. Carefully read all the Commanders’ files attached to the publication and get prepared for tomorrow. The first mission starts sooner than you think…

See you all at the HQ, Commanders!

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