HQ Management event, first mission, stage: resolving a situation!
September 07

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Time’s up! Provisional Superior Government has made a decision! Commander named Kielle has gone on a mission.

When landed on an X-S01 Planet, Kielle discovered an abandoned penetrating ammo laboratory. When Commander left the lobby, he noticed slugs that were steaming. After scanning the temperature of the building via thermal imaging camera, it became clear that these slugs melt everything they stumble upon. Commander noticed a figure dressed in a white robe. Looks like he or she is trying to shoot all those slugs, but his/her accuracy leaves something to be desired. Slugs almost surrounded this figure. Some of these creatures noticed Commander, and they began to slowly approach him. Commander asks for further instructions.

So, Commanders! It’s about time to vote once again. What Commander should do in this situation? What variant will be chosen by Provisional Superior Government? The vote will be held till Sunday.

👨‍💻 HQ staff along with Kielle carried out analytical work, assessed risk, and made notes on all three possible options. We share this info with you with the permission of the Commander.

Option 1. Get into the nearest gravicycle and fly through the mass of slugs to the figure in a white robe. There’s no guarantee this gravicycle is in proper condition for traveling such a distance. If it stops halfway round, I’m screwed. But if everything goes smoothly, me and this weirdo in a white robe will leave this place in one piece. Plus, I’ll save the gravicycle for other HQ missions. Should I risk it?

Option 2. Calibrate the sight of the laser rifle, taking into account the recently received info from the thermal imaging camera. Shoot at slugs without modifying the length of the laser beam. A path for the figure in a white robe will be cleared, but I may accidentally harm him/her. Or myself…

Option 3. Try to configure the sonic projector to get tuned to the frequency that paralyzes slugs all around the building. Even though we don’t have much time, I can figure out the needed frequency by guessing. I think I can handle it. Still, I’m not sure I’ll make it in time.

Pick up the most effective option and accomplish the mission, Commanders!

HQ has faith in you!

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