HQ Management event, first mission, stage: end of the mission!
September 12

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👨‍💻 We are here to announce the results of the Provisional Superior HQ Government meeting! Commanders from both Discord and VK communities have chosen option number 2 by a small gap of 1 point. So, Commanders have picked option number 2 – Calibrate the sight of the laser rifle, taking into account the received info from the thermal imaging camera. Shoot at slugs without modifying the length of the laser beam.

– Affirmative, Commanders. Calibrating the sight. Ready to fire. Hold on. Hmm… Looks like this rifle has several fire modes. Initially, the Annihilation fire mode was turned on. Oh, pardon me for this kind of lingo. I used to call this fire mode in this way when I was at service. But, believe me, it certainly lives up to its name. Here’s the thing about this fire mode: due to increased microfusion cells consumption the laser ray duration and power are also increased multiple times. Its recoil is so big that someone who never shot using this fire mode would just drop it. And the laser ray would continue firing. It’s not a big difference for the rifle who’s gonna be shot, you know. Anyway, that’s good I’ve noticed this detail. Turning on the standard fire mode. Calibrating the sight once again. Firing slugs in 3, 2, 1…

During this countdown, Kielle reconnected with the HQ via video call. This allows HQ to observe the further course of mission events in real-time. The next Kielle’s shots were pretty accurate. After the last horde of slugs was incinerated, the figure in a white robe saw Kielle. Commander immediately took the radio out of his chest bag and waived it from side to side.

– I hope this weirdo has the walkie-talkie and he will turn on it now. It’s easy to guess the right frequency cause there is only one frequency that functions within this building. It’s easier to talk this way rather than shout across the whole building. It was not that these slugs had ears on us. Although they don’t even have ears. At least I think so…

– HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? – suddenly the husky voice of the old man started broadcasting via Kielle’s walkie-talkie.

– Good, you’ve found the radio! I’ll explain everything later. Now all you have to do is to leave the building using the emergency exit. I can see it from here, it’s 3 meters ahead of you. Since it is locked, and you may probably noticed I know nothing about lockpicking, I will just fire at this lock. Just step back, OK?

– I DON’T CARE, LET’S JUST GET OUT OF THIS DAMN LABORATORY! – husky voice yelled despairingly.

Kielle quickly aimed at the rudimentary pre-war lock and fired. The door opened in an instant, and the old man ran outside. Kielle left the building through the front door. Soon they met each other and left the territory full of deadly slugs behind.

– So, what’s your name again? And who are you? – Kielle asked the old man when piloting his Wing.

– Emmett Lathrop Brown. Call me Doc Brown. I am working… well, used to work as a scientist at the penetrating ammo laboratory. You have found me there. I was doing some innovative developments. Was working on new ammo types to be exact.

– Got it. Tell me, how you…

– Just imagine! You are working on your favorite stuff for over 20 years, collecting data, conducting experiments, and then bam! Federation “asks politely” your lab director to fire all employees, stop all research and destroy all the info. Two-bit savages! I don’t care, under whose auspices I will be doing science, you know. HQ, pirates, Merchants, Rebels, anyone! Give me a small-sized lab, a minimum of required inventory, and provide me access to HQ analytical data files, and I will be glad to serve your organization.

– Gosh, Doc, you seem like a chatty kind of person. I just wanted to ask how you feel and do you require first medical aid. I guess you don’t need it. Well, I suppose HQ will be glad to take you under its wing.

– Outstanding!

🚀 Great job, Commanders! The scientist is secured, Commander is not harmed. Mission accomplished! But don’t get too comfortable. Soon we will have to accomplish another mission. Stay tuned…

And see you all at the HQ, Commanders!

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