August 04

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👨‍💻 We continue to share Development News and this time we present to your attention a Hot Fix!

🚀 Our Team proudly informs that starting today, 24,000 League Points are required to reach the “Legend” rank of the Master League instead of 25,000 League Points.
Also, as a reward for achieving the rank, 100 blueprints of the Galactic Carrier Centurion and 3 blueprints of a Special Galactic Carrier Prophet were added.
Among other awards: 200 units of Celestium, 20 Overclocking (Gold) Chips, 500 Common Chips, 5 boosters “Increase Chance lvl.5”, 5 Iota Galaxy Coordinates.

👾 The development team hopes that this change will provide additional motivation to achieve the highest rank. And we hope that the journey to the top will become even more exciting and worth the effort.

💬 Tell us, what rank are you at now? What do you think of the changes made?
Will you test your strength on the way to achieving the coveted Legend rank?

r/SpaceArenaOfficial - HOTFIX
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