Happy Halloween!
October 31

👻 Boo, Commanders!

🎃 All Saints’ Eve, also known as Halloween is finally here!

Even though our Commanders are busy fighting in the Arena, this “earthly” celebration is one of the few ones that remained in all galactic calendars and is celebrated among the galactic community.

And it’s not surprising at all: every Commander, despite their thick skin and the constant rush of winning, just loves sharing treats, watching horror movies, and listening to scary stories! That’s why you can still find various references to a Halloween in the Commanders community. Someone attaches a thematic keychain in the cockpit, more spirited commanders decorate their ship and even buy real pumpkins on the Black Market paying a lot of Credits. Of course, the carve faces on those pumpkins.

In any case, no matter how you celebrate this day, the team wishes you Happy Halloween!

And, of course, here is the main question: trick or treat?

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