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December 09

⏭Revision of the reward system, new mechanics, new content in the game, find out about all the plans of the developers below.

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1️⃣NEW MECHANICS IN THE GAME. Add the influence of weather or space conditions overboard to the game. For example meteor shower which causes damage to the shields and then to armor etc.

🔺Devs: This is an interesting and attractive suggestion. However, there is one “BUT”. Such conditions will introduce many random and unpredictable factors in the battle. Because of this, the result of the battle will become more random. Therefore players will begin to lose more often, and victory won’t depend on whether the player is able to create a good build for his ship.

2️⃣ DAILY REWARDS. Free containers must contain different sizes of rewards which depend on the level of the player. Otherwise, containers become useless over time.

🔺Devs: In our opinion, this suggestion seems fair, and we will try to consider the possibility of adding it to the game, taking into account all other factors.

3️⃣RARE SHIPS. The largest ship should be available to all players for credits, not for blueprints. There are a few things that are too dependent on luck in the game.

🔺Devs: The uniqueness and inaccessibility of some ships is a very important component of the game.
We understand that we need to diversify the selection of ships in the later stages of the game. We are already working on this issue.

4️⃣COST OF CLASS BATTLES. It would be great if, with an increase in the size of the cost of class battles, the likelihood of getting a rarer galaxy with rarer awards would increase.

🔺Devs: We will try to consider the possibility of implementing this proposal in the future.

5️⃣REWARD FOR A SERIES OF VICTORIES. In the case of the fifth win, a row the size of reward should be increased since the current reward system for a series of victories makes it difficult for the player to further advance.

🔺Devs: The reward system for a series of victories will still be edited. In the process of editing this reward, we will try to take into account your proposal.

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