Fleet Derby!

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Besides the regular Arena fights, you can also visit the real derby called Fleet Derby – one of the battle formats. Within this format, Commanders make teams that consist of three ships. You can only imagine how breathtaking and violent those Derbys are! So, it is a usual story, when all derby tickets were sold out 30 minutes after its announcement.

🚀 Right now, Fleet Derbys are not being conducted anymore. High Council issued the moratorium on such battles format because of the “excessive violence”. At least this way, it is stated in the documents. But some people say that the real reason is all because of huge ships expenses…

Nevertheless, Commanders! Let’s pretend that the long-waited Fleet Derbys are again at the Arena. What kind of three ships team would you assemble for derby battles? Share your cosmic triad in the comments below! Let’s see, who’s the King of the Fleet Derbys!

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