Fleet Arena Guide
September 28

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The HQ staff have prepared a Fleet Arena guide. Fleet Arena (or FA) is one of the game modes in the Space Arena. In 3.9 version, this game mode underwent significant changes. The HQ hasn’t told the features of the new FA that are essential for Commanders to know. Therefore, this guide will be useful for both newcomers and veterans and for those Commanders who have decided to return to the Arena after some time.

General Information.

Fleet Arena becomes available at level 5 of the game. Commanders have 3 attempts to play at default, and 7 additional attempts are available by watching ads. Attempts reset every day along with Dailies and Weeklies quests.

When playing this mode, Commanders need to place their ships from their hangar into the Fleet Arena slots and plan their builds. Placing ships costs Credits. Here’s the list of ship costs depending on their class:

  • Fighter class ships – 10,000 Credits
  • Corvette class ships – 20,000 Credits
  • Frigate class ships – 30,000 Credits
  • Cruiser class ships – 40,000 Credits
  • Battleship class ships – 50,000 Credits
  • Carrier class ships – 60,000 Credits
  • Super Carrier class ships – 70,000 Credits
  • Galactic Carrier class ships – 80,000 Credits

If you decide to remove a ship from the Fleet Arena slot, you’ll receive the Credits back in full. Upon first entering the Fleet Arena menu, a Commander activates a 24-hour discount on purchasing all their fleet ships.

Important note: if you make changes to your build and a ship with those changes is already in the Fleet Arena slot, you’ll need to remove it and place it again so changes would apply.

In total, a fleet can have 1 main ship and 8 other ships. There’s also a limit of 1000 cells for the entire fleet. However, support ships do not appear in FA.

Each fleet has its flagship bonus to the main ship’s Health and Damage. The main ship doesn’t provide any bonuses to the fleet. Instead, the flagship bonus from the other 8 ships applies to the main ship. The bonus calculation from the other ships depends on their cell size. The smaller the ship’s cell size, the more bonus Health and Damage the main ship will receive. This is why many top players and Arena veterans use the strategy of 1 Galactic Carrier and 8 Light Fighters. This way, their main ship, the Galactic Carrier, gains a significant amount of additional Health and Damage from the 8 Light Fighters. Commanders have gathered information on the bonus to Health (HP) and Damage (ATK) provided by each ship in the game.

A spreadsheet with all Fleet Arena bonuses for each ship which is not placed as the main ship


Important note: after the destruction of one of the ships in battle, its flagship bonus continues to apply to the main ship.

Important note: unique bonuses of modules, their parameters, only affect the ship on which they are placed and do not apply to the entire fleet.

Choosing Opponents.

Opponents’ selection system in Fleet Arena is based on several parameters:

  • Your current league in the ranking.
  • Your current level.
  • The total number of cells in the fleet.

Sometimes Commanders at high levels can encounter fleets of Commanders from the TOP100. This happens because the matchmaking system can also apply additional settings to prevent Commanders from facing weaker fleets and abusing this. Matchmaking based on these parameters occurs within a certain range, either smaller or larger than the player’s parameters. In different Arena leagues, this range will differ in terms of tightening. In other words, the higher your Commander level and Arena league, the more likely you are to encounter an experienced Commander with a powerful fleet.

Advice from the HQ: if you frequently encounter the same strong opponents with similar fleet (for example, 1 Galactic Carrier + 8 Light Fighters), consider increasing the total number of cells in your fleet. You can also try reducing the total number of cells in your fleet. This increases the chance of encountering a weaker opponent, although it’s not guaranteed.

Advice from the HQ: at the start of the battle, Commanders will see the main enemy fleet’s flagship. This allows you to assess your changes to win without engaging in battle. If you realize that you’re facing a Commander with a powerful fleet, the best choice will be to surrender. This way, you’ll keep all your ships in the fleet, and you won’t have to buy them again for Credits.


In Fleet Arena, rewards are provided for both victory and defeat. Among the rewards, in addition to ranking points for victory, you may obtain Celestium, chips and overclocking chips, All-skins parts, various Success Units (e.g., SU 100%, 90%, 80%, and others), Limit Breakers, and Galaxy Coordinates (e.g., Iota, Theta, Delta, Beta, and others). It’s possible Commander may obtain 2 Success Blocks as well.

Frequently obtained rewards include Celestium, chips and overclocking chips, and All-skins parts. Success units, Limit Breakers, and Galaxy Coordinates are less common.

The final Celestium reward directly depends on the number of destroyed ships. The more ships a Commander destroys, the more Celestium they receive. Also, the final Celestium reward depends on the opponent’s destroyed ship’s class as well as on your fleet size in cells.

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