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November 08
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👨‍💻 The Galactic HQ reporting. And today we continue our lessons at the Fleet Academy! However, this time, we will have a theory lesson instead of a practical lesson. Which theory exactly? Find out below!

🚀 So, we will start our theoretical cycle with the basics. And these basics will be… Abbreviations and terms commonly used in the community! We are sure that sometimes it is difficult for a newly arrived Commander to understand his colleagues in the gladiator field. Because really, what are these MFT, DDL, and CC? Who are these LPs, and supports, and what kind of AP are they talking about so often? We will be happy to decipher the most popular abbreviations and terms for all newcomers. As for the veterans of the Arena and the community – everyone can supplement our Young Commander’s Dictionary with their well-aimed remarks. So let’s get started!

📖 Let’s start with the names already mentioned above:

MFT – it is a short form of the “Melee Fusion Turret”, which is nothing more than our beloved Laser Turret.

DDL Doomsday Laser. The most recently added and most menacing module in the game. You don’t want to meet ships armed with them in the depths of space, trust me.

CCCapital Cannon. One of the two most popular ballistics modules at the moment (the other is the Hyperion Chaingun). Prior to the advent of DDL, Capital Cannons were the longest module in the game.

LP – short for league points, so-called rating points in the regular arena. The number of LP determines which place (and what reward) the player will receive at the end of the season. With the introduction of Clan Wars, the abbreviation LP has also been used in relation to clan war points, although the more popular name for them is “cups” or “trophies”.

Supports – no, they’re not healing ships, but it’s a fun idea. In the case of the Arena, supports are additional ships that accompany the main ship in battle. This word goes back to the full name for these ships: support ships. Also, many players refer to support as “game support”, available at sa-help@herocraft.com. Feel free to write there if you have any problems!

AP – it is short for Auction Points. The Points themselves are one of the most desired rewards for participating in community activities because with their help you can buy almost anything for your game account! You can read more here:

GWS – is short for Gaussian War Shotgun. Passionately loved by the owners of the Khonarl ship, the gun module of the ballistics section. Previously, it was the most relevant module of the ballistic line, the “meta” of the game was built around it. But with the advent of the Capital Cannon and the buffs of Hyperion, the GWS went to the hangars of Honarl connoisseurs.

CBClass Battles. A weekly updated game mode in which only ships of a certain class fight. It is the main source of Galaxy Coordinates in the game.

PDT – is an abbreviation for the Point Defense Turret, which is equivalent to everyone’s favorite means against “missile” players.

MM – is an abbreviation for “matchmaking”. The word itself refers to the system of selection of the enemy, which is very often mentioned by Commanders in conversations. Not always on the best side, but still.

RB – abbreviation for the Repair Bay, one of the most useful and usable modules in the game. It fits well nearly everywhere and is the best means to prolong the lifecycle of your ships. Veterans recommend maxing it just after maxing reactors.

CWClan Wars. Do not mess it with CB, despite looking really alike, these two abbreviations stand for completely different game modes! Clan War is a competitive game mode where different clans clash in many battles for the titles of the best. And for really precious rewards, since CW is the only means to get the best Coordinates within the game, the Omicron Coorditanes. Also, a higher rank will award you with Limit Breakers, a very important resource for the player’s growth.

💬 And this concludes our first theoretical lesson within the Fleet Academy. I hope you found it useful or at least curious. We will be glad to receive your comments, remarks, and wishes, and we invite you to share them in the comments of the publication!

See you again at the Arena, Commanders!
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