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September 01

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 Recently, another Commander happen to buy a discounted ship at an Intergalactic Auction. This time a Wanderer model was purchased.

👾 Ship was bought under the same conditions as the previous ship (you can read more about it here.

The main condition was that in no case should the ship be opened until it fell into the hands of the winning bidder. Once the Commander arrived at the hangar, he began to examine his new acquisition in detail. Predictably, the ship’s build leaves a lot to be desired, and our quick-witted Commander was prepared for such an outcome. Having completed the Wanderer’s build optimization, Commander decided to share his find with colleagues in the engineering field.

🤓 And we are pleased to invite each Commander again to participate in our engineering convention!

💬 Tell us what the main engineering mistakes in the design of this ship? What would you change and what mistakes catch your eye? We invite you to share your build ideas!

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