Feedback from devs. Part 3.
January 28

Let’s talk about some of the developers’ plans for the game 
Developer answers to your suggestions, commanders!
Do developers plan to change the mechanics of Warp Drive? Customize ships? Or change the reward system? Read the developer’s feedback and write your opinion on this.

  1. MOVING THE SHIP TO ANOTHER CLASS: Put Myrmidon in the class of cruisers because this ship is too weak for its class.
  2. Devs:

    -It may seem that Myrmidon is weak for its class, but this ship has good and useful upgrade bonuses. If you upgrade these bonuses to the maximum, Myrmidon will easily defeat many ships from its current class.
    Therefore, we do not plan to move the ship to another class.

    Modify the module so that the warp distance of the ship is limited to the maximum range of weapons mounted on the ship. Because long-distance travel makes build ineffective.
  4. Devs:

    -The changes in the mechanics of Warp Drive can greatly affect the balance of the battle.
    That is why random variables are involved in Warp Drive. For this reason, the ship sometimes moves to a distance other than the maximum range of the weapon.

  5. CUSTOMIZATION OF SHIPS: With the increase of the level of the ship during its upgrade, visible elements should be added: for example, glowing bulbs. And with the maximum pumping of the ship, it would be possible to give several additional cells.
  6. Devs:

    -The customization of the ship in this way is quite interesting. Therefore, we will try to consider the possibility of adding graphical changes to the ships after their improvement.

  7. REWARD SYSTEM: Correct the reward system for a series of victories so that in the case of the fifth victory in a row, a multiplier is added not only to the increase in rank points but also to the size of the reward.
  8. Devs:

    -We have some plans for the future to edit the reward system for a series of victories. And in the process of working on it, we will try to take into account your wishes.

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