Feedback from developers. Part 5.
March 19

Hey commanders!
More suggestions from you, more feedback from devs.

Today you will read the developers ‘answers to the players’ suggestions on revising the balance of the modules, the percentage of the drop in galaxies, changes in mines, etc.

Read the feedback and write in the comments what you agree with, what you don’t, and what you want to offer developers to improve the project.

  1. Make mines magnetic, this will make them more useful.


    -we tested the possibility of a similar improvement in mines. It became clear that such mechanics of mines will greatly affect the balance of the game. Moreover, mines are now not the main weapon, but auxiliary. Therefore, today we believe that the current action is enough.

  2. Increase the value of prizes in the Iota and Zeta galaxies, it seems that in Epsilon and Alpha the drop is better.


    -the value of prizes in the Iota and Zeta galaxies is, therefore, the highest, just the probability of such prizes being dropped is not too high. Therefore, in the future, we will try to consider the possibility of making changes to the chance of good prizes.

  3. Enter the “Rocket / Torpedo Speed” parameter into the game. They are of great importance in the game.


    -perhaps this option will look more organically in the game. We will consider the possibility of adding such a parameter instead of the flight time of the rocket.

  4. Increase the frequency of reviewing the balance of the modules. So that this happens more than 1 time per year.


    – the suggestion is good, and we have already begun work in this direction. In the future, we will try to check the balance of modules as often as possible and make the necessary changes.

  5. Enter a new weapon (quantum discharger) that will weaken the enemy’s energy supply for 3 or 4 seconds if the enemy activates a Warp Drive. Thanks to this, the ship’s jumps will be delayed.


    -the module that will temporarily de-energize the enemy ship modules is already under development. In one of the updates, we will try to make it available to players.

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