Feedback from developers, commanders👩‍🚀!
June 17

Today we share with the suggestions of players to which the developers gave a positive answer. And this means that, perhaps, here we are talking about one of the next new features in the game.

1️⃣Add an online tournament mode in which it is possible to select a ship class. Fights in such tournaments will be held live. The winner will receive a good reward.
Each player receives one ticket to participate in the tournament per day.


👾Devs: This is an actual suggestion, since the introduction of tournaments has already been planned. In a future update, such tournaments will become available.

2️⃣Add badges or medals to players for achievements. They will appear on the screen under the player’s nickname before and after the match. Such rewards are awarded for rank / league and for specific achievements. Some of these customized rewards may be sold at the store.

👾Devs:We have already considered options for customizing the achievements of players and have planned something similar for one of the future updates. We will try to tell you more about this later.

3️⃣ Add the following information to the post-battle statistics: which modules had the most hits, the effectiveness of weapon modules, the number of missiles shot down and missed.

👾Devs:This is a good suggestion because post-battle statistics can more clearly show the strengths and weaknesses of each build. We will try to introduce post-battle statistics in the future, but so far the timing of the implementation of such an idea is not known. We will keep you posted.

4️⃣I would like to see the Arbiter and Mjollnir mk II buff. Ships have good potential, but they are too weak now.

👾Devs: In the near future we will try to consider in detail the parameters of these ships. In particular, changes have already been made for Mjollnir mk.II.

5️⃣Indicate graphically in the game the range of the point defense turret, and also show the “circle” when installing the module on the ship, as happens with shields.

👾Devs: We noticed that from time to time players are asked to introduce such a graphic designation, so we will definitely add it in one of the upcoming updates.

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