February Commander’s Digest
March 02

👨‍🚀 And here’s a brief Digest of last month. Let’s see what’s new on the Arena and among the Commanders’ community.

🗯 The Discord Swap Meet community event took place, where over 100 Commanders managed to exchange resources with each other.

🗯 Together with the Commanders, we celebrated the Lunar New Year.

🗯 The HQ held a giveaway of 9,000,000 Credits, 900 Celestium, 9 Boss Keys, 900 Chips, 18 Limit Breakers, and 18 Powerful Limit Breakers.

🗯 We held 2 Anomalies with different ships and modifiers. One of them was pirate-themed. By the way, rewards are due for the current Anomaly. Commanders me me breadnoughtttt and BoomBoomFish will each receive 200 Celestium for their ship designs. And Commander madeinvietnam the mediator will receive 400, as the HQ approved two concepts of his ships shapes at once!

🗯 A small 3.13.5 update was released.

🗯 Commanders had the chance to test the trail ship Cryptodira, designed by Arena Veteran Lokii8899 from the TFF clan.

🗯 Arena elites and veterans provided advice on which parameters to upgrade for the Hyperion Chaingun and the EMP Launcher. Officers from the YourFace and NeVeR clans gave their advice on clan development.

🗯 The HQ team answered questions regarding the development of the Arena in the 25th edition of In Touch With Devs.

🗯 Commanders tested their knowledge about the Duke ship.

🗯 The HQ published the results of the February Clan Wars and Clan Bosses season, as well as the results of the Arena’s ranking season.

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