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November 17

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We continue to talk about various Space Arena aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional Encyclopedia segment. We hope that the information from this segment is equally useful for both experienced Commanders and beginners. And this time, we have the letter V! Today we will tell you about one of the most popular ship models among the Commanders. We are talking about the Viper!

🤓 According to the HQ research department info, this model was created by the company named Delta Shipyards’ (you may read more about them here: [ссылка]). The company completed lots of jobs from the merchants, pirates, and from Federation in due time. Soon the alliance between the Federation and Delta Shipyards’ was formed. Constant orders from the saved colonies of the Federations generated a decent profit for Delta. You may say that this kind of alliance was productive for both of them. Especially for the Delta representatives.

Soon Delta’s management concluded that they have enough funds to invest in their projects, even though some of them would be not the most lucrative. And one of the first projects was the Raptor ship model. It is unknown what the ship looked like and who was Delta’s “raw material” supplier at that moment. However, according to the saved reports and estimates, this Project is considered to be one of, if not the most expensive one in the whole history of Delta’s existence.

The work on the Raptor was proceeding at a furious pace. The best Delta engineers were assigned to this project, as well as the engineers from the richest colonies of the Federation. And the unknown namesake of the CEO of Delta was assigned as the project manager.

Engineers were working long hours every day. It’s all because “the brilliant ideas” regarding the new possible features for the ship occurred to the project manager. Even so, the importance of the implementation of such innovations was not canceled. People had to execute these kinds of plans in no time. Still, the major part of the “innovative solutions” was ridiculous and not realizable for the allotted amount of time. There was even a joke among the workers: “There are only two reasons why we won’t implement another super cool feature into the ship today. Either the funding came to an end or we all gonna die”. For a moment, It began to be said in an undertone that big-brain pirates had also joined to operate under the auspices of the Intergalactic Consortium of Engineers within the project (ICoE). This is how the pirates and engineers union was named in various documents.

Soon this abbreviation and some internal records came to light in the independent media. They criticized the Raptor’s poor design solution and also revealed the facts of corruption and violation of intergalactic labor rights. The interest was then chained to the Raptor project. The public pressure was so big that even high officials from the Federation could not do something about this. As a result, the CEO of Delta was called “on the carpet” to the Federation Representative Office one day. It turned out that his unknown namesake was his son. Eventually, the son “suddenly” disappeared somewhere, and the project was scrapped for good…

Presently after the appearance of the new CEO, Raptor’s concept was revised. First of all, Delta staff decided either to abandon or rework almost all unmeaning innovations suggested by the previous management team. Though, engineers decided to leave one of them untouched. It was the extended form of a ship with two small tails on the back. This is what caused the popularity of the new ship among the Commanders afterward. And thanks to the first Arena crash tests, the Viper name somehow came by itself. It was so easy to pilot the ship that Commanders could dodge many enemy projectiles and instantly conduct counterattacks. The ship was maneuvering with two back fangs like a viper hunting in the jungles. This is how the history of the Viper known to this day has started. All because of the Raptor project the world has never seen…

And here are some fascinating facts about the Viper:

  • Recently, Commanders got an opportunity to equip the ship with Warp Drive.  That wasn’t possible before due to the engine room size.
  • 31 Viper prototypes were destroyed during the very first Arena crash tests.
  • The most comparable ship in terms of efficiency and cost is the Corvette model.
  • Commanders may place the Capital Cannon on board.
  • It’s easy to find the Viper components in the special Arena shops. That explains the Viper’s short repair time – only 5 minutes!

💬 Well, that’s all we have for today, Commanders. We look forward to your feedback and would love to hear your opinion on this issue. Tell us: what aspects of the game would you be most interested in hearing about in the future? We wish you a great day and bright victories!

And as always, see you at the Arena!

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