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This time you will find a story about the ship Raven and its notorious creators, the Tolmann Twins. This couple entered the history of shipbuilding as the most productive and destructive duet at the same time. Why destructive, you ask? “We will be happy to tell you below” – we will answer!

🚀 So, Raven is a Corvette-class ship, which is notable for being the first ship available to have support ships. As always, let’s start with a little history.

📖 The Tolmann twins are best known for their incredible productivity and accident-proneness during trial flights. During their careers as shipbuilders, they crushed more than a dozen prototypes. The only lucky one who escaped the fate of being crushed by the twins during the trials was the legendary Orkaan. However, this happened only due to a fortunate combination of circumstances. One of the twins contracted an unusual disease and went to a neighboring sector of the galaxy for the treatment, while the ship was almost ready for the trials. During the absence of one of the twins, the second decided to single-handedly control the ship during trials and successfully completed them. After this event, the Tolmann twins began the development of the Raven, and the GPB-SC-X93 “Orkaan” and its blueprints were sold at the Intergalactic Auction.

Many are wondering why all the other ships, which were controlled by both twins at once, met an untimely death. The thing is that the Tolmann twins couldn’t stand each other. And very often during the tests under the simultaneous control of the both of them, a brawl broke out in the cockpit… Both brothers were very quick-tempered people, and from childhood, each of their arguments inevitably ended in a fight. A natural question arises, why work together in this case. And the answer is simple. Although they could not get along peacefully, they were brothers and loved each other. And each of them possessed those skills that the second brother did not possess. Thus, they harmoniously complemented each other in everything and could not do something really good separately. But they had huge problems with confidence in each other, so it was simply impossible psychologically to entrust their joint creation to only one of them. And an ingeniously simple solution to this problem… Turned out to be the “Raven”. One ship with two separate cockpits. During the tests of this ship, their quarrels took place exclusively on the radio frequency, and even though the hubbub on the ship was just impossible, the ship’s effectiveness was beyond praise. Currently, the design of the Raven has been slightly modified and now the controls of the second cockpit are used to manipulate the support ships.

🔬 Game specifications of the ship:

The Raven is a corvette-class ship supplied with two Light Fighters. Support ships fly around the enemy and fire at weak spots in the enemy defenses. The Raven itself also stands out with a nice feature. This is the first ship that can be equipped with a 3×3 module, making it a great choice for class battles.

The price of this ship is 119,000 Credits. The ship becomes available for purchase starting from the seventh player level. The ship has 20 slots in the basic configuration, plus 14 slots from the Light Fighters. The unique bonus of the ship is the Total Module Firing Arc. The Turn speed is 1.2, and the Thurst speed is 8. With the use of Celestium, it’s possible to purchase three hull modifications and expand the ship up to 25 cells. The ship has the following upgrades in the “Attack” category: Firing Arc of Ballistic Modules, Firing Arc of Laser Modules. There is only one upgrade in the “Defense” category: Armor of Engine Modules. But in the “Support” category there are three upgrades: Power Generation of Armor Modules, Power Use of Shield Modules, and Mass of Power Modules.

To summarize, this ship can effectively operate with both ballistic and laser weapons. And its bonuses to Power Generation of Armor Modules and Power Use of Shield Modules allow saving a little on reactors.

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