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In the past issue about PSS Series, we promised to tell the story of the last ship from this line, PSS Miran. And moreover, not so long ago, on the fourth of April, the International Day of Software Piracy took place, and what could be better than a story about piracy on the day of piracy? We agree that nothing!
Meet the PSS Miran, the most famous pirate ship in the world of space battles!

🚀 So, Miran is a ship of the Frigate class, which has been confidently competing with the Orkaan ship for the title of the best ship of the class for several years.

📖 As many of you already know, PSS originally stood for Prototype Starfleet Ship. A whole line of these ships was produced at the dawn of mankind’s exploration of the Milky Way, many centuries before the creation of the Space Arena. And Miran was the last ship from this series. This ship even had a code name, “Mirage”. But even the top secrecy didn’t help. And as a result, all ships of the PSS series became better known under the name “Pirate Stolen Ship”.

It’s time to tell you exactly how Miran suffered the fate of Sparrow and EL-K.
Several decades after the sad story of Jim Horrington, Starfleet decided to revive the PSS initiative and create an entirely new ship that could combine the best qualities of the last two ships of the series. To combine the firepower of the EL-K and the maneuverability of the Sparrow. But the memories of the previous two failures of the initiative were still fresh. Therefore, it was decided to begin the development of this ship in the strictest secrecy. Thus, the Mirage project was launched. The whole operation was thought out to the smallest detail: an unnamed research center was created in an abandoned sector, the project was financed through closed channels, any communication was jammed in the research area, each of the involved constructors, scientists, pilots, engineers, and researchers was thoroughly checked for any possible connection with the pirate brotherhood. And everything would have gone well if not for a simple coincidence of circumstances and the human factor. The fact is that only those who were to be directly involved in the process of developing a new ship were subjected to a thorough check. While the maintenance personnel of the project – passed a purely nominal examination. And it had some reasoning behind it since none of these personnel was supposed to be allowed into the development area. But the personnel of this restricted zone came into contact with the rest of the workers, for example, during meals. And it just happened that one of the chefs of the project, named Juan, many years ago was a cabin boy on the ship of the famous Joko. He had retired long ago and had no contact with his former brothers at arms. But the pirate pride still lived in him. And he was there when Mr. Horrington failed for the first time and Joko Finch’s pirate brotherhood made a big name for themselves throughout the galaxy. And only one careless word “PSS” of a random pilot, launched a whole series of events. Of course, it was not possible to repeat the events of past years. Juan was alone, in a place cut off from the rest of the universe, without communication or associates. But he had one significant advantage that could not be taken away. He was a chef. And chefs, as you know, are always and everywhere welcome. Juan has achieved complete and undivided trust from almost all participants in a few months of being in the project. They even start to let him into the development zone during meals. He served hot lunches, breakfasts, and dinners for those participants who were forbidden to leave the restricted area. And once, at the final stages of development, when the level of safety began to decline due to the fatigue of all participants, he managed to make a copy of most of the design documentation and several photos of the ship itself.

A few months later, the first “Mirages”, which had been renamed the “Mirans”, started to be used for their intended purpose: to hunt pirates. And what was the surprise of the Starfleet pilots when just in the second battle they faced… Mirans. More precisely, they faced modified and ornamented with pirate symbols versions of these ships. Once again, the artisanal space pirate ships proved to be more effective than the development of Starfleet’s finest minds. Soon, almost all information about the Mirage project was classified. Starfleet did not comment on what happened, but the PSS project was canceled for good. And only from the pirates did the inhabitants of the universe learn the story of a mysterious pirate who twisted the greatest power of the universe around its finger. This story was overgrown with many rumors and myths. Some even said that no Juan exists, and behind all this was a distraught Jim Horrington. And someone even called it “Jocko’s Last Case.”

Regardless of what people were talking about, all versions and even the very existence of the Mirage project were vehemently denied by the Starfleet Command.

🔬 Game specifications of the ship:
PSS Miran is the name of two Frigate–class ships. The Mk I version of the ship was previously available for purchase starting from the 14th level of the player. Now it is impossible to get this ship. The PSS Miran Mk II version is a special ship that requires 50 blueprints to unlock. After research of this ship, it could be purchased with 1,500,000 Credits. This ship has 76 cells in the basic configuration. The unique bonus of the ship is the Total Module Range. The turn speed is 0.45. The thrust speed is 4.25. With Celestium, you can purchase four hull modifications and expand the ship to 108 cells. The ship has the following upgrades in the “attack” category: Firing Arc of Laser Modules and Range of Laser Modules. There is only one upgrade in the “defense” category: Radius of Shield Modules. But in the “support” category, there are three upgrades: Power Generation of Armor Modules, Mass of Engine Modules, and Mass of Power Modules.
Thus, this ship performs best in a set with laser armament. And his Power Generation of Armor Modules will allow you to save a little on reactors.

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