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📖 So, Parameters are also known as “stats”. In a general sense, parameters are the values that each module in the game has. But the upgradable parameter bonuses that all modules and each ship have are much more interesting matters to talk about. All modules of the Mk I line have this kind of upgradeable parameters, while the modules of the Mk II version do not have them. This is because these modules are initially stronger than their counterparts in the basic configuration in certain characteristics. However, some modules of the Mk II line pay for this with a decrease in other characteristics.

But back to parameter bonuses. The units of measurement for these bonuses vary greatly. These can be percentages, flat values, flat value reductions, degrees, slots, rate of fire, fire duration, reload speed, etc. But almost all module parameters have several common denominators. First of all, this is the ability to upgrade most of the parameters with the help of chips, gold chips, or ship blueprints. Secondly, this is the ability to increase the maximum upgrade limits of some modules using Limit Breakers. Last but most importantly is the stacking of the same bonuses with each other. The bonuses of the parameters of various unique modules add up with each other, as well as with the bonuses of the ships, which allows you to multiply the potential of each build!

In the world of Space Arena, parameters can be roughly divided into several large groups. The first division is the division into module parameters and ship parameters. The second division is the division into general, “white” bonuses and unique, “purple” bonuses. There are always significantly more white bonuses than purple ones. And each of these bonuses can be found in the stats of many different ships or modules. Unique, purple bonuses are found only in a limited number of modules. And some are present in a single copy of a single module. For example, this category can include the maximum number of simultaneously repaired modules by the Repair Bay or Rocket Disruption Chance by a Point Defense Turret.

Chips are used to upgrade the overall bonuses, and Limit Breakers are used to break the upgrade limits. In the case of unique bonuses, golden chips are used for upgrades, while the only way to break the limit is to use the Powerful Limit Breaker successfully.
To upgrade the parameters of ships, the blueprints of these ships are used.

The procedure of the parameters upgrade is a relatively resource-intensive and time-consuming process. The reason for this is the fact that each parameter requires a certain amount of credits and resources to upgrade. However, in the case of module parameter upgrades, various Computing Units come in handy, which the Commander can use to Increase the chance, Modify the chance, Reduce the credits cost and Reduce the chip cost. But in cases with breaking the limit of upgrades and ship parameters upgrades, everything depends entirely on the random generation of numbers, which can only be affected by the Commander’s luck and nothing else.
In the world of grand battles of the space future, there are more than 60 different parameters. However, the parameters that can be upgraded are much less, about 30.

🔬 We have prepared for your attention a list of them with a bit of explanation for each parameter:

  1. Mass (for all modules, affects the speed of ships and the recoil of the shots)

  2. Health (for all modules, the state of the module, if the health is 0 or less – the module is destroyed)

  3. Damage (only for attack modules, inflicted damage)

  4. Range (for all firing modules)

  5. Fire Cone (for all firing modules, it is 360° for a lot of modules)

  6. Power Use (for most modules, the amount of power to operate)

  7. Penetrating damage (only for ballistics with penetrating damage, purple parameter, displays the percentage of damage that is dealt with each subsequent module)

  8. Fire Rate (for all firing modules, purple parameter)

  9. Armor (for all modules, except for most attack modules and shields)

  10. Reflect (for all modules, except for most attack modules and shields)

  11. Power Generation (for all reactors, as well as for the Small Laser Mk II, however, the parameter of the latter is not upgradable)

  12. Shield Radius (for all shields)

  13. Max Regeneration (for all shields, as well as for the Repair Bay)

  14. Shield Strength (for all shields, the “health” of the shield)

  15. Mine Disruption Chance (only for Defense Turret, purple parameter)

  16. Rocket Disruption Chance (Defensive Turret only, purple parameter)

  17. Torpedo Disruption Chance (only for Defense Turret, purple parameter)

  18. Warp Force (only for Warp Drive, purple parameter, correlates with mass and is responsible for the frequency of teleportation in battle)

  19. Turn Power (only for engines, responsible for the turning of the ship)

  20. Thrust Power (only for engines, responsible for moving the ship forward)

  21. Explosion Radius (only for reactors, purple parameter, displays how many cells around reactor will take damage when the reactor is exploded)

  22. Explosion Damage (only for reactors, damage that will be done to cells in the radius of the reactor explosion)

  23. Rocket Explosion Radius (for missiles only)

  24. Laser duration (only for lasers, purple parameter)

  25. Regen Speed (Shields and Repair Bay only)

  26. Mine Explosion Radius (Mine Launcher only)

  27. Mine Lifespan (Mine Launcher only)

  28. Max Modules (only for the Repair Bay, purple parameter, displays the number of modules being repaired at the same time)

  29. Torpedo Explosion Radius (for Torpedoes only)

  30. Anti Penetration Damage (only for Plasma armor, purple parameter, displays the degree of reduction of piercing damage to the next cell)

There are also variations of the above bonuses of module parameters among the bonuses of ship parameters. However, ship bonuses are usually limited to only one module category. For example Laser Damage, Engine Armor, Shields Mass, etc.

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