Encyclopedia, letter O
November 10

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 We continue to talk about various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in the Encyclopedia segment. We hope that this information is equally useful for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 And this week’s letter is O! Today we will tell you in detail about one of the most important, and at the same time rarest in-game resources – Overlocking chip (OC)!

🚀 So, the overlocking chip is one of the two resources types that are needed to upgrade the modules parameters. In the last “SpaceMyths” segment issue we explored 100 Iota Galaxy Coordinates League 9 and received 940 common chips and 89 overlocking chips. That experiment showed that overclocking chips are almost 10 times rarer than the common ones.

There are several ways of earning overlocking chips:

1) For winstreak of 50 victories Commander receives 3 OCs.

2) Exploring Iota, Zeta, Epsilon Galaxy Coordinates. Exploring Iota you have a chance to receive 1-9 OCs, and during Zeta and Epsilon exploring – 1 OC.

3) Obtaining the League Groups rewards:
– “Journeyman” League Group – 1 OC;
– “Skillful I” League Group – 3 OCs;
– “Elite I” League Group – 5 OCs;
– “Elite II” League Group – 2 OCs;
– “Elite III” League Group – 10 OCs;
– “Legend” League Group – 20 OCs.

4) Daily Deals offers (for example, one of the most popular and beneficial offers is 10 OCs for 500 Celestium).

5) Participating in the events. For example, during the Anomalies event you can get OCs too:
– for the 1 place – 50 OCs;
– for the 2 place – 30 OCs;
– for the 3 place – 15 OCs;
– for the 4-10 places – 15 OCs;
– for the 11-50 places – 10 OCs;
– for the 51-100 places – 5 OCs.

Overlocking chips are needed to upgrade the purple modules parameters. Because of the low level of percentage success, it is recommended to use the “Increase Chance” Computer Unit level 5.

Also, according to the information from the TOP players, it is better to focus primarily on the next modules that have purple parameters:
1) Repair Bay;
2) Point Defense Turret;
3) All reactors, including armored ones;
4) Mine Launcher (at will).

💬 That’s all for today, we are looking forward to your feedback on Encyclopedia content! What aspects of the game would you like us to cover in future issues?

Have a great day, and as always – see you at the Arena!

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