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September 24

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🤓 We continue to talk about various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional Encyclopedia segment. We hope that the information from this section is equally useful for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 And the letter of this week is M! This time we will tell you in detail about one of the famous ships – meet Morningstar!

🚀 The Morningstar is the first Cruiser-class ship available to the player. Among the galactic community, the model is considered budget, but one of the best in its class.

📖 Now let’s jump into the depths of history. One day, one of the regular Space Arena participants-engineers named Dave decided to put the Capital Cannon that had just come out on the Galactic market on his ship. Despite his long experience of taking part in Arena battles and constructing ships, he could not install the weapon he got his eyes on. The reason was the banal lack of space on the ship. Of course, he could have sought the help of engineering experts but certain events from Dave’s past made it almost impossible. The thing is that Dave’s fame as a pilot was rather ambiguous. The reason for this was the fact that Dave always came out safe and sound even from the bloodiest battles. In his 15 years in the Arena battles, his custom-made Valkyrie never got even a single scratch. Luck was always on Dave’s side, and that is why the gladiator community called him “Lucky Dave”. And his ship was nicknamed “Devil’s Throat” because everyone who got on his way, had no choice but to end up in a blazing hell of laser beams.

However, eventually, fortune played a funny trick with Dave. During one of the Arena matches, he faced a privileged ship called Destroyer Vega. It belonged to the son of a powerful Consul of the Galactic Federation. Officially, it is forbidden for representatives of the ruling factions of certain forces (and members of their families) to take part in the Arena battles, since each organization has a formed team that represents their interests. But obviously, this rule has a few loopholes, whereby such a rule does not apply to “generous benefactors”. And, of course, the Consul’s son was one of them. He did not possess sufficient skills and relied on the ship’s size only. The outcome was clear – his ship fell victim to Dave’s weapons. The winner of this encounter hit a jackpot because the bets were made rather on impressive Destroyer, and not on a petty Valkyrie. But Dave did not look too excited about it. He was rather upset and scared. There was a swirl of rumors about Consul’s temperament. He was sure that the news of the sudden death of a high-ranking person’s son would leak very quickly in the galactic press, and a grieving father would not let go of the murderer of his son. And unfortunate for Dave he was right. One never knows what kind of leverages were used, but the very next day The First Decider of the Arena made a statement on Dave’s lifetime ban under the ascribed reasons. Moreover, the arm of the Consul had reached the engineering industry: all legal engineers and workshops were now unofficially forbidden to service any of Dave’s ships, including the famous Devil’s Throat. This story is the reason why Dave would not just go to ask someone to extend the hull of his favorite Valkyrie.

Almost every mechanic that Dave knew refused to help him, with one exception – his best friend Sebastian took a job. He was a novice engineering specialist. They both shared the same childhood dream of becoming pilots, but he was not meant to be one due to a rare disease called progeria. And no matter what, Sebastian could not leave a friend behind. He gladly took up the “Devil’s Throat” modification. At the same time, Dave’s intuition told him he had to hurry up – it is unlikely that Consul’s thirst for revenge was satisfied with his alienation. During the modification time, the mechanic community was skeptical when they found out who eventually decided to deal with the famous ship modification. Some even openly laughed at Dave’s face when they met him on the streets. And their skepticism had a reason – everyone knew that Sebastian was already quite weak and experienced difficulties in everyday life. Anyway, in three days, Sebastian and his team were able to completely change the ship both inside and out, more than doubling its capacity.

When Dave came to his friend’s workshop to see the fruits of his labor, he did not find Sebastian there. At least, he missed that Sebastian who he used to know. He saw only the lifeless body of his best friend, just a couple of steps from his desk. Dave’s new ship blueprints laid near to the body, along with other blueprints for ship modifications that could be installed in the future. At the time, when Dave leaned over his friend, with eyes full of pain and sorrow, the noise of many engines came outside the workshop. Dave’s intuition literally screamed, warning him that the ships outside were the final part of the Consul’s vengeance. And their intentions hardly meant anything good for him. Lucky Dave quickly read the whole situation and made the only rational decision. He went straight to his friend’s hangar, ram into his brand new ship, drove into the hangar’s gate, and turned all thrusters on maximum. His pursuers opened fire with various weapons, but close-range weapons could not even scratch the ship’s surface. Dave left the Enclave city which no longer felt like home, and the sound of measured buttons clicks were his only friends. Trying to dispel sadness about his closest person’s death, Dave turned on the radio and decided to come up with a name for Sebastian’s last masterpiece. As Dave passed countless space diners and space-based fuel stations, memories of old times rushed back into his mind. He remembered those days when he and Sebastian, as teenagers, were dreaming of Arena conquering. During those times they spent many hours at the one diner, where Arena battles were streamed continuously. What was the name of it..? All of a sudden one of the sounds of Sebastian’s favorite song started emitting from the radio. It was one of the songs of the long-past times – «The Morning Star» by someone called Rob Halford. Looking to the events of a distant past, Dave patted the pilot’s helm and turned on the Warp Drive.- I will name you Morningstar, pal. In the name of my only and best friend, who is no longer with us. So, it was the last Dave’s words before he left the Space Arena forever. Thereafter, copies of the blueprints were found in Sebastian’s data files, which were subsequently handed over to the Arena engineers. They were the ones who started the mass production of Sebastian’s engineering brainchild, hiding this fact from the entire mechanic community, which still considered him as some loser engineer.

🔬 In-game info regarding the ship: Morningstar is a Cruiser ship. It becomes available for purchase at the 16th level. The price is 699,000 Credits. The ship has 60 cells in the basic configuration. The passive bonus of the ship is the Total Module Range. The Turn speed is 0.6, the thrust speed is 5. At the expense of 310 Celestium, it is possible to purchase three hull modifications and expand the ship to 68 cells. The ship has the following improvements of the «Attack» category: Fire Cone of missiles and Range of ballistic modules. Among the improvements in the «Defense» category: Shield Strength of Shields and Max regeneration of shields. There are also two improvements in the «Support» category – Mass of power units and Radius of the explosion of power units.

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