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September 24

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🤓 Today we continue to tell you about various game aspects in the weekly Encyclopedia segment.

If you think that we are telling the obvious things it means that you are truly an experienced Commander! You have done a great job coming this far and the recruits who join our ranks every day still have a long way to catch up to you. From our side, we will do everything possible to make sure that our Encyclopedia really helps everyone on this difficult path.

☄ So, the letter of today is L!

This time we will tell you about Laser weapons, meet – Lasers!

💡 So, laser weapons are one of the weapon types in Space Arena, the other two are Ballistics and Missiles. We have already talked about Ballistics in one of the previous issues of the segment, while the Missiles will be discussed in the future, after another one issue.

Laser weapons are the last type of weapon modules that players encounter since the fifth level of the player is required to unlock the very first representative of this weapon line. In addition, the last of the existing modules also belongs to the laser weapons, and it is called the “Melee Fusion Turret”. By the way, despite the level necessary for unlocking (and this is level 55), the relevance of this module is questionable. Someone considers it acceptable, someone considers it almost the worst. This is due to the low range of this module, which is 35 slots, solid amount of 160 damage units are sometimes very difficult to implement due to this shortage. However, the upgrade statistics show that this module is the second most popular at levels 50-56. The class of laser weapons includes any energy weapon, simply speaking – it’s about any weapon that uses a huge amount of energy to create a concentrated, high-temperature beam. There are two subtypes of laser weapons that can be distinguished. The first type is rapid-fire lasers, also known as impulse ones, this type of weapon inflicts damage in a short period of time and has a high fire rate, this type includes a Small Laser and a Pulse Laser. The second type is a beam weapon with high overall damage, firing a beam that gradually gains power. In case of interruption of focusing on a certain module, the damage is reduced or completely goes to nothing. In the game, laser weapons are presented as classic weapon modules with a certain fire cone, and in the form of turrets that fire at 360 degrees.

The total damage that a certain laser module deals depends on how long the laser beam or impulse is focused on the target. The damage displayed in the module’s characteristics is the damage that would have been inflicted if the target module had no reflect stat and if the fire was fully concentrated on the target for one complete second.

🛡 Laser weapons are not blocked by shields and completely ignore them. Which makes lasers a perfect tool to destroy unprotected modules. The damage of laser weapons is not reduced by the module’s armor, it is only affected by the module’s reflect stat. If the target does not have a reflect indicator, the target takes full damage. The best way to counter laser damage is to equip your ship with a large number of armor modules with high reflection and health rates, the best solution is a Large Reactive Armor. And the best countermeasures against laser fire are Repair bays, which partially or completely eliminate the damage done. Another good countermeasure – a large number of Warp Drives and successful warp jump, but this method is pretty much random-based.

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