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September 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 We continue to talk about various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional Encyclopedia segment.
We hope that the information from this section is equally useful for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 And the letter of this week is K!
This time we will tell you in detail about one ship that was already mentioned this week, meet Krigerskold!

🚀 Krigerskold is a Battleship-class ship belonging to special ships. This is the last ship introduced into the game at the moment. When this ship was introduced, it raised a storm of enthusiasm and indignation. Its owners adore it, its opponents hate it because it is the strongest ship in its class.

📖 Now let’s jump into the depths of history.
After the creation of the Space Arena, a fragile peace has finally been established in the known Galaxy. All major conflicts began to be regulated in the Arena battles, spheres of influence were divided there, the subordination of sectors and the freedom of individual planets were determined. At the same time, the agreements reached in the Arena were undeniable. However, the nature of humanoid beings is incorrigible, and small local conflicts continued. Pirates continued to rob merchant ships, mercenaries continued to do any dirty work for which they would be well paid, and the forces of the reformed Federation and other factions did everything possible to protect their investments and citizens. But pirates and various kinds of apostates are always much more numerous than the guardians of law and order. And may the zenith of filibuster glory come to an end with the story of the legendary Chris Hailstorm – pirate fleets have flooded the galaxy again and again. And as if pirates and renegades were not enough, a new, unexpected threat has appeared in addition. From distant sectors, reports began to come in of attacks by unknown forces. Their ships were swift, their attacks were ruthless, and their tactics left no chance for the weakly armed forces of the planetary militia.

They were called the Raiders. Their forces were surprisingly well-coordinated, their weapons were excellent, and their ships were a perfect combination of strength and speed. Moreover, the raiders always avoided direct clashes with the sector defense forces and managed to escape with the loot long before the arrival of the punitive fleets. Among their favorite loot: cargo of luxury goods, fuel barges with liquefied Celestium, caravans of purified Celestium, food convoys, human resources. It is not known for sure why they need people. It is rumored that the raiders are involved in the slave trade, others think that they are forcibly recruiting new members of the organization in this way, and some even believe that they are experimenting on people. But the truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

For all the time, it was possible only once to capture a raider ship with several crew members. As luck would have it, a well-armed private exploration flotilla was close to the colony, which was attacked by raiders. The forces of this flotilla responded to the distress signal and came out of hyperspace right in the rear guard of the raiders. Surprisingly, the raiders reacted with lightning speed and turned on the Warp drives, and just a moment later, their fleet evaporated as if it had never existed. But one ship was unlucky, a militia defense drone accidentally rammed the ship’s engine compartment and disabled most of the systems. As a result, the ship was forced to drift in outer space and raise a white flag. Not literally, of course, there are no flags in space, but the flagship of the research flotilla received a message about the surrender.

The ship and its crew were transported to the vicinity of the Space Arena, where the crew was sent for interrogation, and the ship was sent to the engineering department. During the interrogation, not too much was revealed, since the captain, like the entire crew of the ship, spoke a strange language that was not known even to the best translators of the Arena. However, people will always find a way to answer a question, especially if their fate depends on it. Using sign language and holographic images, the captain conveyed the following information:

  1. The ship is called Krigerskold (Warrior’s Cold), although it is not known whether this type of ship is called this way or it is the proper name of the ship of this captain. Most likely, this is a proper name, but it is proudly used by each of the captains;

  2. The raiders themselves are inhabitants of distant, unexplored planets, on which a harsh, cold climate reigns;

  3. He cannot lead anyone into their sectors, as the protocols of the warp were recorded in the «big head» (presumably AI) of the Warp Drive, which «made a boom»;

  4. The people they capture, are being used for their intended purpose, what is the «intended purpose» – it was not possible to find out;

  5. Their tactic is a «Wall of ships», the essence of which is to create a dense chain of ships, which allows each ship to protect not only itself but also its neighbors;

  6. Their leader is the «Spirit of the Great Warrior», whom they have never seen, but constantly hear. He created their ships and taught them space navigation, tactics, a variety of space crafts, and sciences.

📚 It was not possible to achieve more. However, the Arena engineers liked the Kriegerskold’s hull, and it was copied and recreated in detail. Unfortunately, the «big head» could not be restored, since this AI was programmed to self-destruct and clear all ship logs in case of failure to return to base on time.

None of the forces in the Galaxy objected to the re-creation of the Kriegerskold hull. Each faction was delighted to have the opportunity to train their pilots to counter these terrifying ships.

Since then, Kriegerskolds have appeared in the Arena, while every inhabitant of the foreseeable space fears the appearance of authentic versions of these ships in their sector. Pilots of the militia forces of remote sectors are required to undergo training in countering Kriegerskolds in a special Arena program.

🔬 In-game info regarding the ship:

Krigerskold is a special battleship that requires 15 blueprints to be researched. After researching this ship, its price is 1,900,000 Credits. The ship has 135 cells in the basic configuration. The passive bonus of the ship is the Total Module Armor. The Turn speed is 0.8, the thrust speed is 5. At the expense of Celestium, it is possible to purchase four hull modifications and expand the ship to 168 cells. The first modification costs 8 blueprints and 275 units of Celestium. The second one will require 9 blueprints and the same 275 units of Celestium. The third modification named Expanded Stern will cost 11 blueprints and 275 units of Celestium. And the last, fourth modification can be opened for 8 blueprints and …another 275 units of Celestium. The ship has the following improvements of the «attack» category: Fire Cone of lasers and Range of lasers. Among the improvements in the «defense» category: Health of the armor modules, Armor of armor modules, Health of power modules. There is only one improvement in the «support» category – Energy Generation of Power Units.

Thus, this ship performs best in a set with laser armament. And its armor characteristics are a real test, even for well-armed opponents.

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