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September 24

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👾 And the letter of this week is J!
This time we decided to tell you about another one of the engineering creations – the Javelin ship!

🚀 So, Javelin is a cruiser-class ship, a rather mediocre representative, but the history of its creation, as well as its characteristics, deserve some attention.

📖 We have already told you about the largest and most powerful spacecraft manufacturer in the world of Space Arena, about the Delta Shipyards. Besides them, there are others, lesser-known and much less… productive ones. One of these companies is WarTec Systems. This is a relatively small company created by retired engineers of the Galactic Fleet. Instead of a well-deserved rest, some veterans wanted to try their hand at the competitive arena. For this purpose, the company has been created, which could be called, without exaggeration, a sports division of the Fleet. The first attempt (relatively successful) was the Ironwing, a ship that was too heavy to get into the corvette class, but too light to be present in the frigate class. Many pilots and engineers clearly did not like the unusual nature of the ship. However, effective lobbying by the Fleet and a generous policy of brib.. “fair distribution of profits” has done its job – the ship has secured its place in modern sports. Such a start allowed the company to continue its pioneering in the field of shipbuilding, and their next experiment was Javelin. This ship continued the good tradition of its creators to do something ambiguous. As a result, the ship became the epitome of the expression “hit-or-miss”. This is a ship that has the potential to be an extremely destructive force, to be the embodiment of mobility, to be really durable… But none of the above can be combined in it at the same time. However, risk-addicted daredevils were delighted to be able to mold these beautiful ships into something, that would accurately reflect their nature and style.
Thanks to this, WarTec Systems were able to find their niche once again and not just stay afloat, but even to expand their sales market. Another “triumph” directly connected with a government order, awaited them ahead.

🔬 In-game info regarding the ship:
Javelin is a cruiser that becomes available for purchase starting from the 21st level of the player at a price of 849,000 credits or 340 units of Celestium. The ship has 66 cells in the basic configuration. The passive bonus of the ship is Total Module Health. The turn speed is 0.6, the thrust speed is 6. With the help of modifications, which can be purchased with Celestium, it is possible to expand the ship up to 78 cells. This ship has a Unique (purple) upgrade which increases the Penetrating Damage of the ballistic modules. If we took into consideration another “attack” category upgrade, which is damage from rocket modules, it could be said that the best weapon choice for this ship is a Ballistics with penetrating damage combined with Missiles. We must pay tribute to this ship: among its class, Javelin is the sole possessor of the purple upgrade.

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