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September 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 We continue to talk about the various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional segment – Encyclopedia. We hope that the information in this section is equally interesting for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 And this time we have the letter J (again)!

Our team decided to highlight this letter once more because with this letter starts one of the most interesting modules in the game – Junk Launcher.

⚙ So, the Junk Launcher is a unique module that belongs to the Defense modules, subtype – System defense. The module description is as follows: “Quite likely the most primitive, crude technology seen in the Arena, the Junk Launcher shoots massive heaps of space debris into the fray. Hostile fire is interrupted by this thrash”. This module firstly appeared at the very dawn of the Space Arena creation and at first became an excellent solution to the issue of recycling garbage created by mankind. However, this module had another, dark side. Some factions initially used really terrifying projectiles for their Junk Launchers, usually of organic origin. Body parts of animals and… people.

These methods were indisputable in their effectiveness since it is difficult to overestimate the psychological effect of such a “projectile” flying past the spaceship porthole. However, soon the Supreme Administrator of the Arena vetoed the use of such methods, and the strictest sanctions were imposed on their “inventors”.
Since then, only space debris of inorganic origin has been used in Junk Launchers.

🔬 This module becomes available for research starting from the 10th level, the research cost is 30000 Credits.

With a help of regular chips, you can improve the following module parameters: Range, Fire Rate (purple upgrade, improves with the use of overclocking chips), Armor, Health, Power Use, and Mass.
The basic parameters are as follows: Range – 70 cells, Fire Rate – 0.333 shots/sec., Fire Cone – 360 degrees, Junk Amount – 4 units, Junk Flight Time – 10 seconds, Health – 175 units, Power Use – 60 units, Mass – 120 units, unique bonus – Total Module Armor +0.25%, Size – 2×2, Armor – 1, Reflect – 0.
The parameters of the fully upgraded module are as follows: Range – 72.8 cells, Fire Rate – 0.433 shots/sec., Fire Cone – 360 degrees, Junk Amount – 4 units, Junk Flight Time – 10 seconds, Health – 203 units, Power Use – 48 units, Mass – 115.2 units, unique bonus – Total Module Armor +3.75%, Size – 2×2, Armor – 1, Reflect – 0.
Important detail: each generated piece of garbage has a randomly generated amount of health in a small range (approximately from 1 to 9). At the same time, the module itself has an indicator of Armor and a certain amount of Health, which makes it possible to use it instead of Armor modules, although it is strongly not recommended, since the characteristics of the Junk Launcher are quite low in comparison with the characteristics of regular Armor Modules.

🚀 Junk Launcher is a fairly effective defensive tool, but only if enough of these modules are installed. Space debris blocks all projectiles and lasers in the line of fire. However, it is usually destroyed with just one hit. This means that It can effectively block one torpedo or missile, but at the same time, just one Chaingun shot or one cycle of laser damage turns it into dust.

But most effectively, debris is destroyed by penetrating damage, although it plays a significant role in the loss of the destructive power of the projectile.
The best way to counter ships that use a lot of Junk Launchers is to use rapid-fire or burst Ballistic Modules.

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We wish you a great day and bright victories!

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