Encyclopedia, letter I
September 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🤓 We continue to talk about the various game aspects and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional weekly segment – Encyclopedia.
We hope that the information in this section is equally interesting for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 And the letter of this week is I!
Two months have passed since the first introduction of this segment and to celebrate this we will tell you about two elements at once: Impact Missile and Info (information about the game)!

🔬 Impact Missile is the strongest representative of the classic rocket launchers in the game at the moment. Classic rocket launcher means that this kind of rocket launcher does not belong to the turret or torpedo type. The description of the module is as follows: ” Impact Missile strike with such force that the explosion can derail smaller craft with ease.” This description is entirely true since this module has the highest damage and range indicators in comparison with other modules in the subtype, including the Rocket Launcher and the Missile Launcher.
This module becomes available for research starting from the 30th level, the research cost is 285,000 credits.
With the help of the regular chips, you can improve the following module parameters: range, damage, fire rate (purple upgrade, improves with the use of overclocking chips), fire cone, rocket explosion radius, health, power use, and mass.
The basic parameters are as follows: range – 80 cells, damage – 34, fire rate – 0.556 shots / sec., fire cone – 60 degrees, rocket explosion radius – 1.2 cells, health – 100 units, power use – 80 units, mass – 90 units, number of missiles – 1, flight time – 4 seconds, unique bonus – Total Module Damage +0.2%, size – 1×4, armor – 0, reflect – 0.
The parameters of the fully upgraded module are as follows: range – 83.2 cells, damage – 43.52, fire rate – 0.656 rds / sec., fire cone – 62.4 degrees, rocket explosion radius – 1.6 cells, health – 116 units, power use – 64 units, mass – 86.4 units, number of missiles – 1, flight time – 4 seconds, unique bonus – Total Module Damage +3%, size – 1×4, armor – 0, reflect – 0.

📖 Information about the game. Space Arena first saw the light of day back in November 2016. The project was originally created by a small Finnish studio, and later – the rights to it were purchased by HeroCraft.The project is inherently quite unique and extremely interesting for its deep mechanics and features.
The main game mechanics of the game is the construction of ships, but this is not easy to do – the assemblies must be efficient. So, anyone can arrange the modules in a chaotic order on the ship, but it is much more difficult to do it in such a way that this build is really effective and able to raise its creator to the top of glory. At the same time, the game does not have an ultimatum build that allows you to defeat everyone, for each player’s build you can find a perfect counter-build. Only the keenest minds are able to find the delicate balance that will overcome any obstacle on the way to beсome one of the best Commanders!

💬 That’s all for today, we look forward to your feedback! Please tell us what you would like to improve and what aspects of the game would you be most interested in hearing about in the future?

We wish you a great day and bright victories!

And as always – see you in the Arena!

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