Encyclopedia, letter H
September 24

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🤓 We continue to talk about the various game features and mechanics in alphabetical order in our traditional weekly segment, the Encyclopedia. We hope that the information in this section is equally useful for experienced commanders and rookies alike.

👾 This week’s letter is H!

This time the galactic administration decided to tell about one of the famous engineering creations – the Hammerhead ship!

📖 The history of the ship’s model creation is very entertaining and is closely related to the legendary name – Kris (Chris) Hailstorm. He was one of the most famous pirate captains, founder of the infamous space pirate gang named Galaxy Coast. According to rumors the last time he was seen near the Arena, his flotilla numbered 55 ships of various classes. Nobody knows for sure where the pirate and his formidable flotilla disappeared. Someone says he must have come to a sticky end in the battle with the Federation Fleet. Someone says with and someone tells truly fantastic stories. However, there is strong evidence that in 4315 years his ship – a custom-made “Mjollnir”, was spotted near one of the “RaceStar” space-based fuel stations, which provide all of those who in need with some liquefied Celestium to power up their engines At the same time, all information about his crimes was mysteriously erased from the Galactic galactic database. However, citizens can still find the holographic leaflets “WANTED: Kris Hailstorm! Dead or alive”, in which the officials ask for any information about the legendary pirate’s whereabouts and offer a reward of 1,000,000,000 Credits.

Nevertheless, here is one of the stories from the time of the zenith of Chris’ fame. Once, exploring another galactic distant sectors, the pirate began to notice that the ships of the space nomads, which using unique special weapons with penetrating damage, literally pierce the front part of the then Frigate, constructed by special order at the Delta Shipyards’. Chris, well-known for his short temper, was very furious at the inability of his engineers to do anything so that every meeting with the nomads would not turn into a tragedy and huge costs to repair the ship. The leader was so angry that he personally fed four of his engineers with a “vacuum dinner” in front of the whole team!

Deciding that he had killed enough woebegone engineers, Chris assigned this problem’s solution to his senior architect-engineer, Brian. Brian wasn’t a sharp-minded person or a genius, but he was the right guy to solve any problem in the simplest and most effective way. He did not try to create another miracle of engineering, but went his own way, both preposterous and brilliant. A couple of days later, the ship with a multi-ton layer of bulk steel welded to its nose was presented to Kris. After a few test flights, it became clear that such an “innovation” really solved the pirate’s urgent problem. The captain was so happy that he didn’t even bother sending his senior engineer to explore the open space without a spacesuit.

Later, one of the Delta Shipyards’ staff members during the business trip, noticed Kris’s custom modified ship. Seeing how the armor was placed on the front of the ship, he immediately drew an analogy with the hammerhead shark. He was so inspired by the ship’s design and technical solution what he saw, that after returning to headquarters, he spoke about his discovery with the Corporation President, the Board of Directors, and Senior architects-engineers at a meeting. Surprisingly, each of them was pleased with the employee’s idea. Everything Delta shipbuilders loved – maximum efficiency at a minimum cost. Just as 3 months later, five ships of this “design” got off the production line. The model was named after the highly efficient predator that overtakes its victim no matter what – the hammerhead shark (“Hammerhead”).

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