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September 24

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👾 And this week’s letter is G!
This time we will tell you about the legendary figure in the history of the world of Space Arena – General Spacecraft.

🚀 General William Spacecraft – was not actually a real General, he was a retired Admiral of the Federation Galactic Fleet. He was named general by his own people, in recognition of his merits in commanding not only the fleet but also ground forces, as well as assault groups.

📖 But first things first. Neither the origin of William nor the history of his family is known for certain. It is only known that he enrolled as a cabin boy in the ranks of the Galactic Fleet at the age of 17 in a recruiting office on the very periphery of the Federation’s possessions. William spent his entire life in the Navy and proved himself to be an exceptionally capable, talented, and efficient man. He quickly climbed the tangled hierarchical ladder of the Galactic Fleet and rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral in record time. Spacecraft showed exceptional results in battles against space pirates. His tactics were recorded in military textbooks. His name thundered all over the periphery, and his RadiantX evoked respectful awe even from the legendary Chris Halestorm.

In the final clash of these two titans of history, the Spacecraft flotilla almost managed to corner Halestorm and his unique ship, still unnamed then, which would have put a long-awaited end to the innumerable series of Halestorm’s crimes. But luck is fickle, and fate had other plans for the legendary pirate. One lucky shot into the bridge disabled William’s Radiant, and the Vice-admiral himself was almost killed in a bright explosion.

The Halestorm gang had safely disappeared into hyperspace, and the Spacecraft flotilla, without command or a functioning flagship, was forced to return to the nearest fleet base in the sector. After this defeat, William began to question his skills, and the serious consequences of his injury finally convinced the Vice-admiral that he was no longer able to perform service properly. As a result, he decided to resign, and after a few cycles, his resignation was approved by the High Command, albeit reluctantly. In gratitude for his services to the Fleet and the Galaxy in general, William was granted the last official rank in his life, the rank of Admiral of the Galactic Fleet, and his legendary RadiantX went to him, in memory of the years of former glory.
And this would be the end of his story. But fate had its own plans for the valiant Admiral as well.

⌛ A few years after his resignation, a massive uprising of the colonies began in the border sectors, which led to the largest civil war in history. And it would be logical to assume that the retired admiral will stand under the banners of the Navy once again, but this time – this did not happen. Since Spacecraft’s retirement, the Fleet Command has changed, as have their methods and goals. The brutality, the dishonor, and the perverse sense of superiority with which the Federation Navy had drowned the rebellion in blood – could not leave the old Admiral aside. He gathered his old comrades in arms, put his legendary ship on alert, and went to the aid of the uprising, in the name of honor, humanism, and freedom. His main purpose was to remind the current Superior Command of the Galactic Fleet’s principles and based for centuries. His banner bore the old Galactic Fleet emblem, designed to show that Spacecraft was not fighting against the Fleet, but only against what the Fleet had become.

At first, William had only a few ramshackle ships and his good old Radiant at the head of this makeshift fleet. However, a few months later, perhaps the most unusual and diverse fleet in all history gathered under his banner. He was joined by free traders who had converted their bulky cargo ships into destroyers, deserters of the fleet who did not agree with his policies, adventurers filled with noble feelings, representatives of the nobility on luxury ships pursuing some goals of their own, soldiers of fortune driven by the opportunity to earn some money, even pirates who broke away from the gang of the Admiral’s old enemy. All of them rallied under a single banner, albeit driven by different motives, they were united by the steel will of William Spacecraft. And boundless faith in the General, who just then received the title under which he later went down in history books. At the same time, from an unknown well-wisher, William Spacecraft received the newest then ship for his use – Ritari, built using unprecedented technologies.

The entry of the General and his fleet into the war turned the tide. Their attacks were swift and effective, mystically, his fleet appeared in the most difficult battles, destroyed the enemy’s rear, and just as suddenly would disappear.

The situation became so bad that the Federation was forced to form an alliance with the mega-corporation «Delta Shipyards». The Shipyards’ Board of Directors sensibly decided that the main source of problems so as the strength of the rebellion was its General, who became a symbol of hope and light for all rebels and forces that sympathized with them. People even began to call his modified flagship “Knight of Light”. And then a plan was developed, striking in its cunning and simplicity.

To begin with, the combined forces of the Federation and the Shipyards decided to lure the forces of the rebellion to a general battle.
With a series of sabotage, treachery, and disinformation, they succeeded. In one of the central sectors, the largest battle in the entire history took place. And it was the greatest battle in which thousands of ships came together. On that dark day, there was no night on the central planet of the sector, so bright and fierce was the battle going on in its orbit.

The outcome of the battle was not determined until the very end, but on that day, another tragedy occurred. It is not known exactly what happened then and how the scene of the incident unfolded, but the great General was assassinated on the command bridge of his own ship, and the connection was abruptly cut off, after some time – the ship itself disappeared in a flash of bright light. One could only wonder what had happened aboard the Knight of Light on that fateful day.

Having lost their General, as well as the” Knight of Light ” – the rebel forces were beheaded and were doomed to defeat in both battle and war. And every inhabitant of the galaxy knows what a bitter end the history of the Great Uprising has.
Thus ends our story about a common man who has been destined to become famous only to soon become a Legend. The Knight of Light of days gone by. General William Spacecraft.
And even though the circumstances of his death are still covered with a fog of mystery, but sooner or later, everything that goes on in the dark must come out in the light…

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We wish you a great day and bright victories!

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