Encyclopedia, letter F
August 20

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🤓 Summer is in full swing, and we continue to talk about the various game aspects in alphabetical order in our traditional weekly segment – Encyclopedia.
We hope that the information in this segment is equally useful for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 This week’s letter is F!
This time we will tell you about Fleet Arena!

📖 Fleet Arena is a separate section of the Space Arena that has been converted to accommodate the massive collisions of the fleets of brave captains who can afford it.
The Space Arena is not only a place to entertain audiences across the galaxy but also a place to resolve political issues and grand backstage games that do not stop for even a second. Sometimes the fate of entire planets and sectors is at stake in Arena battles. Whether it is a direct bet on the victory of the participant or questions of influence and honor. But some political forces use the battles in the Arena for quite different purposes. One day, the Galactic Federation approached the Supreme Administrator of the Arena with an interesting and mutually beneficial proposal. The Federation needed to field-test its newest battleships and the skills of its Galactic Fleet pilots. Moreover, not only the qualities of an individual pilot or ship but their synergy and teamwork. Simple exercises were not enough for this, since pirate fleets and unfriendly visitors from unexplored sectors of the galaxy do not operate according to the charter. All expenses are borne by the Federation, and in return – the Administrator attracts commanders and their fleets from all corners of the universe to the battles. The administration of the Arena is always looking towards increasing its funding and attracting a new audience with another spectacular entertainment, so it was impossible to refuse such a good opportunity in vain. And so a new section of the Arena, the Fleet Arena, was created.

🔬 In the context of the game mechanics, the Fleet Arena is one of the game modes available for participation starting from the 6th level. In this mode, each player can feel like an Admiral of their own fleet, if they want to earn extra Celestium and experience while having enough credits for this.
To participate, each player must collect and buy a fleet of ships that are available at their experience level. The larger and more expensive the ships purchased – the more enemy ships will be destroyed.
But the player’s ships can also be destroyed. For the loss of their ship the player receives a certain number of experience units, proportional to the level of the lost ship. For each destroyed enemy ship, the player receives a certain amount of Celestium and experience points, depending on the level of the destroyed ship.

🎲 The Fleet Arena is a great place for a commander who has a lot of credits and wants to gain experience as quickly as possible.
However, be careful with the Fleet Arena as the probability of losing there is very high. Fleet battles take place without a visual overview for the player and everything is based on Random Number Generation. It is worth investing very carefully in the Fleet Arena, as the risk of losing the entire fleet is very high, sometimes you can come out victorious, and sometimes you can lose everything.

🚀 There is only one reliable way to somehow influence the outcome of the Battle of the Fleets – it is to choose the right combination of ships and a suitable Flagship. The Flagship is the highest-level ship available to the player in the Fleet Arena, which receives HP and damage bonuses depending on the number of escort ships. The more ships in the fleet – the more health and damage bonus for the Flagship is available. At the same time, the level of other ships does not affect the bonus for the flagship, only their amount. Each fleet ship adds 2% HP and 2 damage points to the flagship.
Special ships are not available for purchase in Fleet Battles.
It is possible to participate in the Fleet Arena battles once every 90 minutes, and this mode is planned to be reworked in the foreseeable future.

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We wish you a great day and bright victories!
And as always, see you again in the Arena!
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