Encyclopedia, letter C
August 20
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 The weekly Encyclopedia segment continues!

🤓 We remind you that in this segment we reveal various game mechanics and aspects in alphabetical order, the information is designed for both experienced commanders and beginners.

👾 This week’s letter is C and in the spotlight is Celestium!

📖 Celestium crystals are an amazing mineral, firstly discovered at the edge of the Solar System. The first researches of the Solar System were conducted at a speed significantly lower than the speed of the light and took a huge amount of time, sometimes even hundreds of years. But one day everything changed.

🛸 A research ship sent to the edge of the Solar System collected many samples in one of the asteroid belts and returned them to Earth.
Celestium was among the collected samples. Unpurified and incomprehensible blue mineral, at first it attracted no attention but when the scientists found out the properties of this mineral they were shocked. The properties were beyond even the wildest fantasies.

💫 With a certain magnetic resonance effect, this crystal created a curvature of space. After several tests, it was used to make the first-ever hyperjump beyond the Solar System.

☄ Further research led to the creation of purified Celestium, which turned out to be an excellent superconductor and fuel, after those events Celestium began to be used everywhere.
And with this, the conquest of the Galaxy began…

🛰 In the context of game mechanics, Celestium is one of the currencies in the Space Arena universe, along with Credits. Unlike the credits that each commander can earn in Arena battles, Celestium is a premium currency that is not so easy to get.

⚠ Currently, the following methods of obtaining Celestium are available:
1. Purchase in the store, among the offers: 100, 450, 1200, 2500, and 4400 units of Celestium, respectively;
2. Daily bonus in the store, 3 Celestium once every 3 hours;
3. Sales;
4. Reward in fleet battles;
5. Win streak;
6. Daily quests («Three victories in a row», «100% completion»)
7. Advertising videos, 3 Celestium per view;
8. Up to 56 Celestium daily for each friend in the game;
9. Reward for the sectors stages;
10. Participation in community contests.

👽 What Celestium could be used for:
1. Purchase of ships;
2. Ship improvement;
3. Instant repair of ships;
4. Purchase of additional credits in case of shortage in fleet battles and on the Black Market;
5. Purchase of modules and ships that are above the player’s level;
6. Slot purchase in the Hangar;
7. Purchase blueprints for special ships, credits, and galaxies in the Store;
8. Changing the opponent in the Arena, a penalty for a disrupted match.

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