Encyclopedia, letter B
August 20
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!
📖 Today we continue to tell you about various game aspects in the weekly Encyclopedia segment.
If you think that we are telling the obvious things it means that you are truly an experienced Commander! You have done a great job coming this far and the recruits who join our ranks every day still have a long way to catch up to you. From our side, we will do everything possible to make sure that our Encyclopedia really helps everyone on this difficult path.
🚀 So this week’s letter is B and this time we will tell you about Ballistic weapons!
🥏 So, ballistics is one of the weapon types in the Space Arena, the other two are Missiles and Lasers, we will tell more about them later. The ballistic weapon is the first weapon type that each commander encounters when entering the game. The ballistic weapons class includes any dynamic weapon, simply speaking – it’s about any weapon that fires metal projectiles without an explosive factor. There are two sub-types of ballistic weapons that can be identified: rapid-fire cannons, which inflicts continuous damage at short and medium distances, sniper cannons, which deal huge amounts of damage from a long distance, and burst cannons with short-range, massive damage, and a lot of projectiles.
🛡 Ballistic damage is blocked by shields but at the same time, it is an effective means for shield destruction. Ballistic damage is generally ineffective against armor. The perfect weapon to destroy unprotected modules. Some types of ballistic weapons have a penetrating damage rate, such modules inflict damage not only to the affected module but also to the modules located behind it. The distribution of penetrating damage is as follows: the first module receives 100% of the damage if the armor indicator itself is not considered; the value specified in the characteristic of penetrating damage, in the case of a Quantum gun it’s 55% of the base damage, each subsequently affected module receives a proportionally decreasing amount of damage, that is: 1 – 100%, 2 – 55%, 3 – 22.5%, and so on. At the moment, the best defense module against ballistic weapons is the Ballistic Armor. The best protective mean against penetrating damage is Plasma Armor.
💬 That’s all for today, we are looking forward to your feedback on the segment and your suggestions on what we should cover with the next week’s letter which is a letter C!
We wish you a great day and bright victories!
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