Easter in Space Arena
March 29

👨‍🚀 Commanders!

According to both the Earth and galactic calendars, the long-awaited spring has arrived. In the platform incubators, the rarest flowers from different planets, including Earth, have bloomed. The inhabitants of the Space Arena have already prepared for the upcoming holidays. Among them, of course, is Easter.

The HQ, in full force, congratulates the Commanders on Catholic Easter! May your hangars always be filled with peace and harmony, abundance and prosperity.

Check out the shop – we have prepared a gift. And it’s not just 500 Celestium and 500,000 Credits, but a whole opportunity to fly… an egg?! Yes indeed, the HQ knows how to surprise!

After you claim the offer, three new ones will appear immediately, including the trial ship MEGG-09. This massive egg will shatter all hopes of the Commanders while they laugh at its shape. Verified.

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