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August 23

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

👨‍💻 As you know, at the moment our community is constantly present on three media platforms: VK, Discord, and Reddit. At the same time, the most active of these platforms are VK and Discord. And today we are here to help you understand all the aspects and features of our Discord server!

🚀 We present to your attention the “Discord User Guide”!

👾 So, if you hadn’t done it already, you can join the discord server using the following link.
After joining the server, you will find yourself on the #rules-and-roles channel, where you can learn about the basic rules of the server, the existing server roles, as well as other platforms where our community is represented. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the rules in detail.

The appearance of part of the welcome message can be seen below.

Let’s take a closer look at the existing roles.

@Community manager – HeroCraft community manager. A person who develops the community and publishes a variety of content for the community. The official representative of the developer company. CM also provides comprehensive support to the players. One of the leading server roles. You can write to CMs if you have questions, as well as tag them on various channels if you need to draw their attention to something.

@HC Developers – employees and developers from HeroCraft. Developers are present on the server mostly as observers. Disturbing and tagging these people on various issues is a negative attitude and a direct violation of the server rules. If necessary, the developers themselves will contact the user to clarify certain issues.

@Leader – the leader of the server’s staff team. The main administrator of the server now is named vampirewolf. He is also the developer of the bot, which helps in the administration and moderation of the server.

@Admin – a member of the server staff. Admins are engaged in the development and moderation of the server. They also help players with obtaining various server roles and constantly monitoring compliance with the rules by members of the community. They are always happy to help and answer your questions within the server. You should not write to administrators in direct messages. If it gets necessary they contact community members themselves.

@Moderator – server moderator. Member of the staff team. Moderators monitor compliance with the rules by community members and also act as a link between the community and the staff. Moderators are always ready to help with advice or dispute resolution.

@Trial moderator – a community member who is in the process of becoming a moderator or admin. Performs the moderator duties as well.

@Champion – the player who achieved the highest ranking in a season.

@Top 10 – a player who climbed to the top-10 during a ranked season.

@Corvette is a player whose strongest ship is a corvette.

@Frigate – a player whose strongest ship is a frigate.

@Cruiser – a player whose strongest ship is a cruiser.

@Battleship – a player whose strongest ship is a battleship.

@Carrier – a player whose strongest ship is a carrier.

@Supercarrier – a player whose strongest ship is a supercarrier.

@Galactic Carrier – a player whose strongest ship is a galactic carrier.

Also, when joining the server, our bot will send you a welcome message and ask you to pick a role. To select a role, you should tag the moderator on the main server channel (#general) or contact one of the Moderators in the direct messages.

⚙ Now let’s move on to the structure of the server. The very structure of thematic sections can be seen below.

Let’s take a closer look at each section:

INFORMATION – general information. This section contains rules, announcements, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as automatically duplicated links to the Reddit posts.

STAFF – administration. Special section for server admins.

DEV’S CORNER – developers’ corner. This section publishes the latest development news, server news, as well as polls from the development team and the server team. Also in this section, there is an important channel named #feedback, where each player can leave feedback for developers and server administration.

COMMUNITY – community section. The largest section of the server in terms of content. Within this section, several entertaining and/or informational channels from CMs are hidden.

Important channels within this section:

#user-generated-content, where the artworks from community members are published.

#encyclopedia, where issues of the regular Encyclopedia segment are published. Under this segment, entertaining or informational content regarding various aspects of the game is published in alphabetical order.

#guides, where various guides on the game and game features are published (including this one). Also within this channel, we check popular myths that exist in the community within the Space Myth segment.

#auction, which describes the existing system of community rewards called “Auction”.

#entertainment, where various entertaining interactive content is published.

#contests, where various contests are held for community members.

From time to time new channels dedicated to various community or game events are added to the community section.

CLANS – clans section. This section is dedicated to clan interaction, communication, and recruitment. In the near future, this section will be reworked into the Space Council.

GENERAL – a general section intended for user communication. In fact, it is the main chat of the server. Also in this section, guides from players are published and the best and worst moments are shared. There are also separate channels for communication in a specific language. Currently supported languages: Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Korean, French, and German.

SUPPORT – player’s support. This section is intended for bug reports, bug discussions, questions to the developers, ship suggestions, game suggestions, server suggestions, and discussion of various suggestions.

BUILD SUPPORT – the name states for itself. In this section, you can ask experienced players to rate your build or help you create your own. Also in this section, you can find screenshots of good (or not-so-good) builds for any ship.

OFF-TOPIC – a section for discussion of third-party topics. Here you can also see high-quality memes from the community or from elsewhere. This is where all the memes on our game are published. This section also contains the very popular #bot-command channel, where users interact with different bots. We will cover the bots in more detail below.

HQ-STATUS – server status. This section displays the number of users of different roles, as well as the current number of users online.

🤖 Now let’s talk about the most popular bots presented exclusively on the server.

Macanski AP bot. One of the most popular server bots. Initially designed to simplify the management of rewards and the Auction Points system, it soon turned into a real entertainment station. At the moment, using this bot, you can: get Auction Points (AP), spend AP on specific auction items, check your AP balance, register your support ID, cancel a completed purchase for AP, solve riddles (and get AP rewards for it), play slots using the AP.
For detailed acquaintance with this bot, enter the $ap help command on the #bot-command channel and register in the system. After that, you will be able to participate in many interactive activities.

TaroSpaceArena. The third most popular bot of our server, designed specifically to find and share good builds for various ships. The bot supports the creation of profiles and voting for various builds.
To access the general help screen for bot functionality, type –help. To get help finding and submitting a build, type –hb. For help with profile management, enter –hp.

vw bot. The outstanding and most popular bot on the server. Created as an aggregator of a wide variety of information on the game, ranging from the basic prices of the store, ending with tactical tips for the game and fun facts. It would take forever to describe all the functions of the bot, so we will list the most popular commands and a brief description of them.

Note: all commands start with an exclamation mark [!] and are entered without a separator [|], those commands that contain square brackets require additional data, such as the name of the module. When using the command, please replace the square brackets with whatever you are looking for or want to suggest.

!counter | Gives an idea of ​​what type of weapon counters what type of defense.

!combo | Shows infographics about what type of weapon works well with what type of weapon.

!bonus | Displays a table of which weapon gives which bonus. Bonuses are color coded.

!galaxy | Displays guidance on how and where to get galaxy coordinates. And also how to use the received items.

!weapons | Displays the ranking of the current weapon in the game.

!mod | Displays the best order of hull modifications for certain ships.

!ships | Displays the ranking of all current ships in the game.

!time | Shows the current time at the headquarters (time before daily tasks and class battles reset).

!fact| Displays a random fact about the game.

!cell [ship name] | Displays a layout of the cells for a specific ship.

!unlock [ship or module name] | Displays the level required to unlock a specific module or ship.

!sector [stage] | Checking the enemy of a certain stage of the campaign.

!cost [ship or module name] | Displays the cost of a specific module or ship.

!info [ship or module name] | Gives information about a specific ship or module. Further navigation can be done through emojies.

!suggest [suggestion] | Suggest something for the game.

💬 And this concludes our Discord user guide. In the end, we want to say the following: never be afraid to ask for help in thematical Discord channels. Our friendly community is always ready to come to the rescue of a newly arrived Commander and answer all your questions. Also, don’t be afraid to ask Community Managers, Admins, and Moderators for help, no matter what – they are people just like you and they are always ready to chat. However, you should never forget about respect, as well as you should never be breaking the rules. Always follow the rules and your stay will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Remember, the atmosphere in the community is created by each of its members. Even those who joined a few hours ago!

See you at the Arena and Discord channels, Commanders!

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