Digest, February, Week 2
February 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Wait-wait-wait. It’s Friday already? Well, what are we waiting for?! Digest time!

🔬 The week has started with small research. We were wondering how Commanders became stronger after all Arena battles they had conducted? That is why we have invited you to show off your profile statistics and take a look at the statistics of your fellow Commanders. And for those who do not want to reveal the secrets of their statistics, we have come up with another way to show themselves. They can share screenshots of your strongest and weakest ships. Join us!

📖 On the eve of the Clan Wars update, we have published a special article. There you can find topical information about Clan Wars stages and various features that will help you to properly prepare for your first Clan War. We invite you to read the full article!

👽 Another contest has started, where you can test your intuition and luck. Besides, you also have an opportunity to win 300 Celestium! Hurry up and take part in it – Celestium is never a bad thing!

💬 Commanders! The Clan Wars update is getting closer and closer. According to our inside information, the update will become available at the beginning of the next week or maybe even sooner! We hope, all Leaders and Officers got it all figured out. I mean, which clan they should attack first, which ships will be in the defense fleet slots, and which ones should attack opponents, and so on. It’s really important to plan such things, you know!

And, of course, if you faced some bugs during the Clan Wars gameplay, let us know, please. That will help us to pass the information onto the development team very quickly and fix them in the shortest period of time.

By the way, we also decided to keep you informed about the Universe Challenge event’s progress every day (We hope you have not forgotten what is it :D). Make sure to check our social media pages every day!

See you at the Arena, Commanders!

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