Digest, 12/24/2022
December 24

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Just imagine. A few days ago HQ employee from the Security Sector opened the HQ gates to an unidentified ship with X-mas skin. As it turned out, this ship was under the control of the pirates who were up to commit sabotage. When we asked that employee why he did that, he answered: “I thought, it was X-mas presents delivery. Oh. They were pirates? Gosh… So, will be there any presents for me?” And the moral of the story… Well, keep your eyes open. Now, the Weekly Digest time!

👾 Another intergalactic tactic drill was conducted. Soon all rewards will be sent to Commanders-winners. We will notify you once it’ll be done!

👨‍💻 There was a Development news issue as well. The HQ has reported regarding the 3.8.5 version changes.

👽 The HQ has finally identified the ship fragments. You should admit: this one was tricky!

🚀 The HQ team has answered some Commanders’ questions. You may find the answers in the 21st In Touch with Devs issue. They are quite interesting!

💬 Commanders! So, the Anomalies event has begun. How you’re doing so far? Share your current place in the event leaderboards in our Discord server! Well, the HQ staff was forced to leave you. We have to take part in the Anomalies as well!

See you all at the Arena, Commanders!

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