Digest, 11/11/2022
November 11

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 Weekly Digest is coming. It’s closer than you think. Yes, it’s right before your eyes

👨‍💻 HQ staff has conducted another Fleet Academy session. Commonly used abbreviations and terms in the Commanders’ community were collected. This article is the very thing for Commanders who only started their path!

🤓 New SpaceMyths issue will be also helpful for Commanders-newbies. This time HQ decided to make sure shields would not work if there would be a lack of energy on a ship.

🚀 This week was finished with the newly released Epic Engineering Challenge event guide. The HQ staff accumulated the info regarding the all event battles and gave some advice on how to complete it. Make sure you’ve saved the guide in case you decided to reset your game progress and play the event once again!

💬 Commanders! Because of the intergalactic commotion, we almost forgot to ask your opinion regarding the last Grind Time. What prizes have you collected? How many points have you earned? Please share your thoughts with the HQ! Visit our Discord community!

And see you all at the Arena!

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