Digest, 10/28/22
October 28

👻 Boo! Ooops. I mean, greetings, Commanders!

💡 I hope you have conducted the wished number of Arena battles already. Now, while you’re resting in your hangars, it’s about time to read another Digest issue! This one is dedicated to Sinister Bingo tasks.

🎃 The first task of this week was “Send An Awfully Beautiful Music”. Are you ready to fill our ears with horror and fear? In any case, we strongly doubt that you will be able to surpass the scariest song from the CM, but you can give it a try!

🎃 There was a real Murder Party! The HQ hopes this spooky game made quite an impression on those Commanders who managed to take part in it…

🎃 And the special cooking task awaited the rest Commanders. Within this task, you had to come up with the recipe for an ominous dish. HQ had received quite a lot of recipes, and all of them are… Terribly awesome! You should check our Discord community.

🎃 After the dish tasting, HQ offered Commanders to take part in the Pumpkin Hunt. Only a few Commanders have found all five fragments of a special link. Will you join them while it’s still possible?

🎃 Along with this task, the results of the previously completed Bingo task called “Share some sinister artworks” were announced. HQ in full force congratulates all Commanders-winners!

🎃 Finally, HQ initiated the donations to the special Pumpkin Fund. Make haste and contribute your resources to the Pumpkin-Piñata!

💬 Commanders! We won’t talk much today. The only thing we can say is… Wait till Monday…

And see you all at the Arena!

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