Digest, 10/14/22
October 14

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 It’s pretty obvious there are lots of ups and downs on the Arena. Seasoned veterans can be forgotten by the Commanders’ community in a blink… But Weekly Digest is ETERNAL! It’s about time to tell you what happened in the Arena this week.

📖 Commanders managed to learn more about Agent Kielle within the Space Legends segment. If you have not read the issue, we advise you to do so! Also, please share your thoughts regarding the next issue in our Discord server.

👾 There were educational moments, of course. The new, thirteenth issue of the traditional “SpaceMyths” segment was published. This time HQ decided to test one of the most popular myths regarding the reactive armor function features. The issue turned out to be very interesting. You should not delay the reading!

🚀 Fleet Academy classes continue! Make sure you have completed a new task, including the advanced-level task.

🤓 Finally, HQ released a new Encyclopedia issue that was related to unique ship bonuses. This info will be handy for all Commanders, irrespective of rating!

💬 Commanders! Besides the upcoming Grind Time, HQ decided to hold a special community event as well. Believe us, it will be interesting. Or terrible. Or, should we say, terribly interesting..?

And on this enigmatic note, we end our broadcast. Wish you good luck, Commanders!

See you all at the Arena!

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