Digest, 06/03/22
June 03
👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

💡 It’s time to put aside all your business and worries, it’s time to enjoy the traditional Digest! Let’s go on a tour of the events of the past week.

🥳 The week started with a lot of pleasure. The results of the “Stories Time” community event have been summed up. The share of the good content this time just rolled over, thank you all for participating, and once again congratulations to the winners!

🔬 On the following day, the answer to the image deciphering was given. The intercepted image turned out to be the Laser Beam, or rather a 3D rendering of it. To our surprise, some commanders were able to break through the galactic fog and recognize the module. Excellent result!

👾 However, a new challenge was soon proclaimed. This time, during one of the expeditions of the Headquarters, scientists stumbled upon the wreckage of ships. Due to severe damage and corrosion, the fragments could not be identified straight away. Thanks to scientists from WarTec Systems, the damaged elements have been recreated and now the only thing that remains is to determine which ships they belong to. However, we are running out of time, so we need to speed up the identification, Commanders!

👽 In addition, the “Trivia” segment returned. This time our question was about the history of changes to the game and the famous ship Oblivion Arc. And the answer Is not yet given, so you still have time to participate!

💬 Commanders! Here comes the summer. Rumors say that this year the good old Earth is about to face the coldest summer period in many years. What do you think about this? Maybe you have already managed to swim in the warm sea and have a nice barbecue? Share your thoughts and stories!

Well, it’s time for the HQ staff to return to the res… To research, very important research!
Well, long things short, see you soon at the Arena!
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