[Developer diaries] Description of upcoming changes in update 2.2
July 24

Hi, commanders🚀!

In the upcoming update, the developers are preparing for you some nice changes, and today we want to talk about some of them. Read the details about the upcoming update, and share your opinion in the comments.

❗️ATTENTION ❗️Since the version is under testing, the information in this post is conditional and reflects the status of the update at the time of publication. Some changes and innovations may not get into the release version or enter it in another form. Screenshots, exact values ​​of the characteristics and details of the game mechanics may not be relevant after the update.

🔹1. Modify system improvements modules.

The blocked parameters of the modules will no longer exist, thanks to which players will be able to access all the parameters from level 1.


For each successful improvement of the parameters of the module, the player will receive points in an amount equal to the achieved level of the parameter. Increasing the level of the module will be carried out with the accumulation of the required number of points pumping.

🔝Increase the level of the module will be made for credits.


A unique module parameter (marked in purple) will be introduced into the module improvement system, which can be improved only with gold chips.

Improving the unique parameter of the module will affect the overall level of the module. For unique parameters, the number of points of increase will be 2.

After making changes to the system improvements modules, previously improved modules will remain with the same improvements that were made before the rebalance.

🔹2. Adding the function of changing the nickname.

In the menu “Options” will be added to the long-awaited ability to change the nickname.


Free to change the nickname will be possible only 1 time, the next change the nickname will be possible for the Cel.

🔹3. New ship – Wing Mk.II.

The updated fighter will consist of 25 cells in the basic version and 35 cells with all the improvements.
In comparison with the usual improved Wing, the improved version of the Mk II will have two additional compartments for installing engines and 4 additional cells for other modules.

🔹4. On this update, 2.2 is not limited to global changes, and next week we will tell you about another significant innovation in Space Arena.

Follow the news, commanders👩‍🚀!

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