December Arena Season Results!
January 09

👨‍🚀 Another Arena rating season has come to an end. It’s time to improve your ships’ builds and break into the season with renewed vigor. Reach all League subgroups to take your rightful place in the final Master league. Your name will be etched forever in the history of Space Arena!

And here are the TOP25 Commanders who took the first places in the leaderboards this time. They have already received secret links to join the TOP25 Commanders server:

  1. SquirelDOMfender

  2. [Deft]

  3. Dezzec

  4. Orcmowerface

  5. [TFF] DE4DL1FT

  6. 대한민국

  7. [KOR]MJ

  8. [TFF]HaVoK

  9. [SER]SneakySnail

  10. Terminator

  11. MeZorFace

  12. [TFF]RIVET

  13. AnOgreFace

  14. [TFF]Lokii8899

  15. [KOR]토마토

  16. Sentry

  17. [Z]Горыны4


  19. [DOM]Mkoll

  20. [GROM]Kocurzak

  21. [TFF]VorteX23

  22. [Aofa]XyHTauH

  23. [TFF]Galaxis

  24. Deez


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