Contest for commanders with a great sense of humor:)
April 21

‼️We have an important suggestion, commanders!

Let’s try to start the fun contest for the funniest meme? It seems we all got too serious🥳

👉We attach an empty meme for your ideas to this post, so you just need to come up with the funniest signatures.

Contest rules:

    1. To participate in the contest, go to our official Reddit of Space Arena:
    2. After checking the memes, we will organize a separate post where other players will vote – from April 24 to April 27.

    3. April 27, we will summarize the results of the contest and reward the winner!Whether players who take 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded depends on the number of participants.


🏆The main reward for 1st place: 2 Iotas, 2 Zetas, 3 overclocking chips.

Well, let’s start❓

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