Commanders, we need your help!
September 08

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

🚀 One day, representatives of the Galactic Federation decided to travel to one of the planets that was recently discovered by the Intergalactic Objects Study Department. The purpose of the visit was to involve the current inhabitants of this planet (mostly, the owners of various ships and amateur engineers) in the Space Arena as participants. For this, holodisks with special agitation video materials were prepared. However, during the negotiations, the President of the planet made a specific condition for the Galactic Federation representatives – they need to choose only one best video. After the negotiations, a Concilium was called from various Galactic Federation departments. During the discussion, experts did not manage to reach a consensus.

💡 Commanders! All kidding aside only you can decide which of the videos will be able to make a point about the ruthless but fascinating Space Arena to newcomers. Here is the link to the secret 12 video playlist:

Аfter watching the videos, we invite you to take part in our small survey. There you can rank the videos from best to worst and leave additional detailed feedback either for each of the videos, or an overall conclusion. Survey link:

We really need your feedback. Thanks to you, the Team will be able to improve the quality of the content, including video ads.

See you soon, Commanders!

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