March 30

👨‍🚀 Hello commanders!

Today we finally will lift the veil regarding the clan system which will be added to the game very soon! In this article, we will look at the highlights of the clan mechanics that are planned for the upcoming update.

⚠️ We also remind you about the changes in the rating reset system. 

The reset of the March season at the beginning of the next month will be carried out according to the new system. Starting from the fifth League groups (Skillful 1), the rating of the players will be reset taking into account the additional coefficient. The higher the League group, the higher the coefficient will be. We ask you to take this into account when the next rating points reset will take place in early April.

👉 Creating and managing a clan.

The clan menu, and, accordingly, joining a clan, is available from a certain level. In order to create a clan, you need to pay in-game currency. Clans will be of two types: public and private.

Players with the following roles will manage the clan: Head of the clan / Leader – the original creator of the clan and Deputy head / Officer.

👉 Joining/leaving a clan.

The function of joining a clan is available for a player from any level. A player can join a clan by going to the Clans window on the main menu.

The player will be offered a list of open clans that match his rating and have vacant space. In the “Search” section, the player can find clans by name.

👉 Clan chat. Exchange of blueprints between clan members.

In the chat, it will be possible to track who joined the clan and left it, who was exiled, who was appointed Deputy Head, who ceased to be Deputy Head, and on what date the battle with another clan is planned. The beginning of the preparation period for the battle with the clan, the period of battles, and the end of the battle will also be highlighted.

In addition, the chat contains system clan windows, where the player can:

🔸 request blueprints donations from other players;
🔸 request blueprints exchange;
🔸 vote for the new Leader.

👉 Clan Pass and Clan Activity Points

At the top of the Clan’s main menu, the clan reward progress bar (so-called Clan Pass) is displayed.

Progress is displayed in multiple milestones. Each stage is a certain amount of clan activity points earned by all clan players. For reaching each milestone, all members of the clan receive certain rewards.

As a reward in the Clan Pass, players can come across the following resources:

🔹 module;
🔹 ship;
🔹 ship skin;
🔹 blueprint;
🔹 booster for modules upgrade;
🔹 Exchange token;
🔹 Credits;
🔹 Celestium.

👉 Battle of Clans

Now, let’s talk about how the Battle of Clans takes place.

1️⃣ The Leader or the Officer sends an application for participation in the battle within the allotted period of time.

2️⃣ A clan is matched to an enemy clan from among registered clans, and the matchmaking is based on the clan’s rating.

3️⃣ Then the period of preparation for the battle begins.
Players decide among themselves, whose ship will be placed in one or another slot of the fleet-defense. The Leader and Officer can help players locate ships by leaving a note in the slots.

4️⃣ After a period of preparation, a period of battle begins. Before the attack, the player can select a ship and edit the build. All clan members can carry out two attacks on any ships in the opposing clan’s defense fleet. Any players without any clan roles can attack enemy ships during a clan battle.

5️⃣ After the battle period, clans will be able to see the final results. In total, according to the results, you can get up to three stars, which count to the clan’s total score. The number of stars received depends on how much the clan’s ship was able to damage the modules of the enemy ship. The winning clan is determined by the number of stars collected.

The losing clan can also receive trophies for the complete destruction of the enemy fleet and the surviving ships from the clan’s defense fleet.

👉 Conclusion

Thus, we have briefly reviewed the main points of the new game mechanics – the clan system.

💬 We’ll be glad to hear your questions regarding the clan system! Ask them on our official Facebook on the post about Clans. We will answer them in our “In Touch With Devs” segment. Also, after the update, we will prepare more detailed guides on the mechanics of clans.

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