December 06

👨‍🚀 Commanders! The November Clan Wars Season has come to an end. Let’s take a look at the final results.

▪ The representatives of TheFinalFrontier claimed the first place. As in the previous season, no one could compete with them this season – the clan won all of its battles. The highlight was their long-awaited battle against Dominus. However, TFF conducted their attacks too quickly, in just 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

▪ Dominus secured the second place. The clan managed to replicate the success of the previous season. Congratulations on the second place!

▪ On the third place, we have КосмоФлот! This season, they managed to defeat HYDE, YourFace, and BurnToDeft. Let’s see what the next season holds for them.

This season, 11 clans entered the Master League. We are pleased to see new clans among them:

  • TFF

  • Dominus

  • КосмоФлот

  • YourFace

  • Main Xaoc Roster

  • Blackhole

  • ShadowReavers

  • AofA

  • KCCO

  • Fallout

  • Second Xaoc Roster

Now, let’s review the most memorable clan achievements. Each member of these clans is entitled to a reward from the HQ – 30 Like Coins and 30 Contribution Tokens. We will send it on Monday.

💡 The clan Nova_Empire carried out their successful attacks in 2 minutes and 44 seconds against the SINGULARITY clan. The Achievement of the Month, “Speedy Fleet,” rightfully belongs to you!

💡 Representatives of the Руссич clan conducted 32 successful attacks against the NeVeR clan. The Achievement of the Month, “Just to Make Sure,” is yours! By the way, it is also awarded to the Escape-Velocity clan, who also conducted 32 successful attacks against Radiating-Nebula.

💡 NeVeR conducted their successful attacks in 17 minutes and 16 seconds against the DynaTek clan. The HQ awards you the Achievement of the Month, “Not very quick, but consistent.”

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