February 12

👨‍🚀 HQ often receives questions from Commanders-rookies regarding clan’s routine. How to arrange contributions’ process to the clan? How to conduct efficient attacks in Clan Wars and Clan Boss game modes? In other words, how to maintain life in the clan?

One of our active Commanders, an officer of the top10 YourFace clan, MezorFace, was the first to share his tips on developing his clan. Full text:

Being an officer, you should keep people active in the clan. You have to remind them about Light Fighter/Lightning request to level up your clan faster. This also concerns reminders when the attacks attempts on Clan Boss are already available. Also, you need to share the efficient builds against Clan Bosses and make sure all clanmates got their reward after dealing minimum damage to them. You can do so by checking the Clan Boss logs.

Share the info with the rookies and maintain their interest in playing Arena even after their fails. Tell them more about the current meta weapons as well as how to upgrade them properly. When playing Anomalies event, I always share my efficient builds with my clanmates. After that, all of us are polishing it so all of us who wanted to use this build could secure the TOP positions in the event leaderboards.

We gather the data during Clan Wars preparation stage. We examine our video records from the previous wars against the opponent clan and conclude based on current defence fleet. When the preparation stage is about to end, I always remind clanmates about the importance of placing our ships in the defence fleet. We discuss together our further attacks, who’s gonna attack the certain ship, what build will they use etc. Also, I remind everyone that each one may attack only after leader’s or officer’s approval in our Discord server.

As for the Clan War very beginning. If we face not so tough opponent or we just sure of our victory, I suggest efficient build from one of our previous wars against this clan and we just wait and see. If the opponent is stronger than us or we understand that this clan is rather unpredictiable, we use scouts who attack first.

After scouts’ attacks, other officers and me are suggesting counterbuilds for the opponents’ ships in the defence. After we voted, we try to attack those ships. In our clan we have subroles. Mine is War Officer. I know every strong clanmate, what weapon do they use. Thus, I know for sure who and when should attack to guarantee successful attack attempt.

Also, I contribute around 500k Credits everyday so do others. Our clan doesn’t hesitate to arrange some clan shop goodies trades. Sometimes our officers hold giveaways for rookies to keep up their good spirit. Personally I buy Success Units 40%, 80%, Zeta, Iota, Theta, Mu Galaxy Coordinates.

All attack attempts are being recorded by everyone in the clan. That concerns scouts as well. These video help us to analyze enemy builds, what weapons they use and what kind of protection do they have. Also, we count warp time for each build separately.

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